The man figured out how to take revenge on the cat that wakes him up at 4 in the morning

December 8, 2016

All cats Wake their owners at night, but not all owners treats them the same. This man decided and I was right!

Sleep of the soul is something that is not alien to cats and their owners. That’s just cats don’t always adapt to the daily routine of normal people. This cat named Italics – is no exception. For a long time every night he would Wake his master, Nicholas – 4 o’clock in the morning. Nicholas could not resist and said pet the same.

One day, when all the cats are so sweet sleep, the man crept to the Italics… and meowed!

“Oh, were you sleeping? And there is nothing to meow all night long!”

The method, of course, debatable, but certainly effective. And judging by the one million views on YouTube, soon Nicholas will appear to followers around the world.

Source: Anna Stachura

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