The fence does not have to be boring! 20 unusual ideas for the garden

September 3, 2016

The fence on our sites is the large surface. And often the saddest. Everything can be fixed with improvised means.

Kids rubber boots

To wear have no one to throw a pity? Let pleasing to the eye as planters.


You know what’s the effect? In the glare of the sun. Just pick multi-colored glass.

Wall painting

Naseberry, rather. Can’t draw? It doesn’t matter. Ordinary projector for slides or film strips direct to the wall and cut around the outlines. So even artists the professionals do.

Vertical garden

And nice and compact.


Look, you can decorate the empty space, just circling it.

Old shutters

As well as carved doors or the trellis. A great way to close part of the lattice of the fence.


Make sure you can use them outdoors. Or seal wire the LEDs with a drop of melted glue from a glue gun. Then they will not be afraid of the rain.

Hanging pots

Because so much space is wasted.


It’s easier than it seems. Just need a jig saw and plywood.

Artificial flowers

It requires a delicate taste, because it’s easy to overdo it.

Cans of jam

They are very beautiful and curly. Why not use them as lamps?

The facade of the chest

Oops, and ready cute shelf.

Shelves of boxes

So simple and so effective.

Planters from bags

The same case as with the boots: when you throw a pity, and wear will not.


Mirrors visually increase the volume not only of the premises. But and suburban areas.

Wall dishes

And why not?

The organizer of the bathroom

Another idea for pots.

Forged bars

If you have only a gate or one section from a wrought-iron fence, is not a reason to deny myself the pleasure to put them on the site. Gates do not necessarily have to lead somewhere.

A mixture of styles

Looks like an illustration of “Alice in Wonderland”, but it’s pretty.

A little bit of everything

Or so.


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