The “eternal girl”: 47-year-old Evelina Bledans showed perfect figure like twenty years

August 26, 2016

The celebrity showed pictures from a holiday in Spain, where she is depicted in a swimsuit. Fans noted that 47-year-old actress looks like a 20-year-old girl.

Evelina Bledans has always distinguished a slender figure. To questions about his secrets of a celebrity answered that there are no secrets, just she got lucky with the genes. The actress in an interview with the press explained that she has a very well-established metabolism, so there is no need to follow the diet. By his own admission, has no harm to the piece can eat a sausage sandwich and wash it down with sweet soda water. But, it is worth noting that celebrity regularly devotes time to sports, and even while traveling is at the gym.

Recently Evelina along with four-year-old son Sam went on holiday to Spain. Caring mother every day to share photos from the trip and talks about how spending time with the heir. Bledans chose the hotel on the beach, so every morning to go to the beach with the baby. On all pictures of the Spanish actress shows slim figure, which are the envy of many a young beauty.

Subscribers stars appreciated her modeling parameters. They agreed that the 47-year-old Evelyn looks at least 15 years younger. The “eternal girl, do not change, Evie!!”, “You’ve got the body better than many young”, “What a perfect figure! But this is the mother of two children! Admire!!!”, “That’s a good figure as at twenty,” wrote the admiring fans of a celebrity.

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