The diagnosis by photo. Little girl saved from cancer thanks to the Christmas picture

January 8, 2017

Considering the family photos taken at Christmas, the parents noticed in the left eyeball of his daughter strange white spot. They were shocked when doctors told them that it…

Even in infancy, their daughter was diagnosed with amblyopia (“lazy eye”) is a small weakness of vision, not amenable to correction. At a scheduled appointment at the eye doctor in 15 months the doctor said that little MIA there are no serious problems, but after six months should in any case come back and see me again.

Come Christmas, the main family photo shoots. After examining holiday snapshots, the girl’s mother, Melinda Luden, I noticed that all the photos on the left pupil MIA has a strange white spot. You could chalk it up to the marriage chamber or the press, but the woman decided not to postpone the planned visit to the optometrist.

The survey revealed that MIA has retinoblastoma, a rare form of aggressive cancer of the eye.

The tumor was so big that it occupied two thirds of the eyeball and under the influence of flash of the camera looked like a silver disk. Parents reported good news and bad news from: MIA urgently needed surgery, but the cancer fortunately had not spread to the brain.

“It happens, though rarely, if too late to begin treatment. In this case, death is inevitable,” says Melinda.

Since that memorable Christmas it’s been 5 years. MIA is barely visible ocular prosthesis made of acrylic and is preparing to study in school. The girl’s mother was worried about how peers will perceive what her daughter has no eyes. But now it is only children’s curiosity and admiration.

“She is not shy to talk about it and demonstrate your dentures. Fortunately, it absolutely does not prevent her, though sometimes she might stumble on something on the left side,” says Melinda.

A woman never tires of repeating to other parents: trust your intuition. If you think that with the child something not so, do not be afraid to seem suspicious and be sure to show it to the doctors.

Source: Anna Stachura

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