The daughter of Grigory Leps failed the audition for the show “the Voice”

August 30, 2016

In the Network appeared the news that the daughter of Gregory Woods at the blind audition didn’t turn none of the mentors of the project.

2 September on the First channel will start the fifth season of the show “the Voice”. Recently it announced the final composition of the mentors of the project. Judging participants will be Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan, Grigory Leps and Polina Gagarina. The producers of the program promise viewers a lot of surprises and unexpected guests.

However, before the transmission of the first issue in the network appeared the details of the fifth season. Thus, it became known that their strength in the vocal field, I decided to try the daughter of Grigory Leps Inga, which successfully passed the selection stage. But according to viewers who took part in the filming of the pilot episode, the girl during the test didn’t turn none of the mentors.

“Unfortunately, Inge nobody turned around. Grigory Viktorovich, judging by the facial expression recognized her immediately. But as they say, professionalism is more important than family ties. When Inga had ended and the jury could see someone in front of them, Gregory took the floor and advised the daughter to work out another year,” – said on the set of the magazine’s staff “StarHit”.

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