The bride’s bouquet in the winter. Tips from wedding Agency

January 12, 2017

The eternal tradition

No flowers, none of the wedding party, connected with them a lot of takes, and they all have deep roots.

The bouquet the bride presents the groom. Taking it, she agrees to become a faithful wife. According to tradition, the flowers must be in the hands of the bride throughout the wedding. To get rid of the bouquet is impossible – it is a symbol of family happiness and prosperity. The young wife can trust bouquet only mother or spouse. During the wedding dinner, the flowers should stand in front of a couple on the table. Previously, each plant in the bouquet had a specific meaning, became a talisman that enables you to protect a young family from the evil eye and misfortunes. Now more attention is paid to the harmony of the bouquet with the bridesmaid’s dress and overall design of the wedding.The tradition of throwing the bouquet to the bridesmaids, to determine who the next to marry came from Western countries. To commit this ritual, used spare parts, parallel, outwardly identical to the bouquet presented by the groom. Sometimes it makes it more easy to throw and catch easier. Traditionally, the bride throws it over her head, standing with his back to unmarried girlfriends. However, there are many interpretations of this ritual: for example, when the hand of the bride give a whole bunch of tapes, only one is tied to the bouquet, girls line up around the bride, holding each his tape, and the girl who was lucky enough to choose the right tape becomes the owner of a Bridal bouquet.

The options for wedding bouquet

Every bride is looking for a bouquet with the style of dress and image in General. Sometimes during this time of the year to make additional adjustments to the overall concept of weddings and design floral arrangements.

Usually a Bridal bouquet marks florist-designer team which creates the overall design of the wedding to the bouquet, and the arrangement on the tables, and details were in the General style.

If you have an intimate wedding and you need only a bouquet, you need to contact the florist or floral salon in advance, a month before the event to have had the opportunity to discuss and choose, and florist – order flowers and accessories in advance, without haste.

If your dress is lush or with a train or with a lot of lace, you’ll be more discreet the shape of the bouquet and most likely with mono-colors, so he did not argue, and only underscores your image. If, on the other hand, your dress or light in texture and silhouette, to make it more colorful or festive, you will approach the modern style bouquet of different shapes and shades of flowers, leaves, twigs, somewhat careless, formless, but with character and style.

The actual shades and appropriate colors

In a winter wedding as a complement to the preparation of the compositions, you can use silver or white-washed twigs, crystals and beads, neat Silverplated cones. Small white baby’s breath blossoms resemble clouds in the flying snowflakes, so you can go to create a bouquet of flowers. In addition, for the Association with the snow is very fit the opened cotton bolls that are added to the bouquet as parts. Gently and fresh in winter bouquet of anemones look or Ranunculus.

However, if you want more heat and sunshine on the wedding day, your bouquet can be all warm colors, the main thing to match your dress and please you.

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