Tatyana Tereshina told about the threats the father of her child

August 30, 2016

The singer broke up with her civil husband after years of relationship, but to forget it still can’t. That she has to survive after a break up, a celebrity said in Instagram.

Tatyana Tereshina admitted that TV presenter Glory Nikitin constantly insulted her in front of a little daughter, and after a break began to threaten. It would seem that everything is over, but the star apparently can’t forgive her ex-boyfriend.

As it turned out, the ex-soloist of group Hi-Fi very scandalously broke up with the father of her daughter, iris. A year later she issued to the public the details of their relationship. According to her, she’s just tired to endure constant pressure from ex-lover and his insults.

“My ex-husband was very hurt, called names. All this in front of a small child. I’m a complete fool for some strange reason I’ve endured this. I was waiting for change, but the only right decision was to leave. This has already been everywhere the blocked person won’t let me live life and be happy. And the worst thing is that you, dad Thank, not ashamed of it. I’m embarrassed that my child be intemperate and dissolute father, ” he shared with followers Tatiana.

Fortunately, Tatiana met a new love and spent a happy holiday in the company of a new boyfriend on the French Riviera. A photo of the current elect Vadim she shared on Instagram, but members wryly noted that he looks very young and fit star in sons. Note that with the former civil husband of the singer was also the age difference is 8 years.

Photo: @tanya_tereshina

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