July 1, 2016

Everyone once in their life tried jam from strawberries. With the aroma of the berry is not like any other, and its taste is truly excellent. In addition, strawberry is famous for its medicinal properties, as the real fount of the human body needs vitamins. In its composition contains a lot of vitamin C, E, b vitamins, organic acids, minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, phosphorus, zinc etc.

Start making
For delicious home-made canned you can use any kind of berries, wild strawberries or its garden varieties. There is nothing better than getting a jar of strawberry jam in the cold season and enjoy its fragrance and delicious taste, getting a powerful vitamin charge for the body. You can prepare this jam in the winter is not difficult.

Preparation for cooking
Cooking any dishes is a jam with a capacity from 2 up to 6-7 kg, and storage – thoroughly washed and disinfected glass jars of 0,5-2 l Before pour jam, banks have to dry.
Carefully sort through the strawberries, removing the crumpled, mutilated, or is not ripe. Dusty fruit I need a good wash and give to drain the water. To shorten the cooking time, the berries will split into several parts. After that you can start making.

Recipe No. 1
Mix 300 ml of water and 1.7 kg of sugar. The prepared syrup mix 1 kg of fresh berries and put the mixture to boil on the stove. Once the jam comes to a boil, you should quickly remove it from the heat, and after 15 minutes again put on the stove until the next boiling. This procedure was repeated 4 times. A few minutes before the end of cooking add citric acid (about 1 g per kg of raw material). Pour jam at the banks need only hot.

Recipe No. 2
1 kg of ripe berries will require 1.7 kg of powdered sugar. Place the strawberry layers, between which sprinkle sugar (powder), set aside to infuse for 4-7 hours. Then put the mass on the fire and act similar to the recipe No. 1 (bring to a boil 4 times). At the end of the jam, place lemon juice or citric acid.

Recipe No. 3 (in the Sahara)
Strawberries will need to grind with sugar in proportion 1:2. If you want to – heat prepared mixture on the stove, but do not boil. Delicious jam for this recipe will be stored long enough, the berries will remain fresh and useful.

It should be noted that stored strawberry jam is necessary in a dark cool room, whose temperature is from +10 to +12 degrees.

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