Stas Sadalsky showed me some pictures of 69-year-old Tatyana Vasilyeva bikini

August 23, 2016

Artist in awe of his girlfriend and decided to prove to all his subscribers that the reason for this is not only talent, but also a great figure.

Showman Stanislav Sadalsky shared on Instagram a picture in which his 69-year-old girlfriend actress Tatyana Vasilyeva posing in a bright bikini on the beach.

“Say, Eternal youth is impossible! But Tatyana Vasilyeva refutes this assertion. Well, you see, the girl is right”, — has signed a frame of the actor (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Fans Sadalsky remained in awe of the picture Vasilyeva and not stingy with good comments. “Divine as always!” “It’s amazing, makes twine and very clever! Great talent!”, “Good boy! Beautiful, well-kept and so young”, “Super woman!!! God forbid me to look like that at her age!!!!!”, “My love, tell her this,” they wrote.

Note, Tatiana has repeatedly admitted in an interview that is a big fan of the beauty industry, loves to care for themselves and is proud of how it looks at my age. Also, the actress does not hide that for the sake of youth resorted to plastic surgery and the “beauty shots”.

Photo: @stassadal

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