July 2, 2016

Fragrant soup with Turkey meat, fresh vegetables, beans and herbs. Will warm and lift your spirits on cold and cloudy days.


• Beans (can be any), 300 gr

• Sheet Laurel

• Salt

• Onions, 2

• Wings of the Turkey, 400 g

• Carrots, 50 grams

• Fresh Basil

• Oliva, 65 ml

• Green parsley, a bunch

• Celery, 50 grams

How to cook:

• Rinse beans, cover with warm water and set aside in a warm place for the night. In the morning remove the liquid and pour a new portion of water. Cooking minutes 11-10, then water again to change.

• Peel the vegetables, wash. Meat put in a pot with vegetables, beans, Bay leaf and Basil. The whole mass pour a liter of water and cook for about half an hour. The foam on the soup to remove. Onion cut into cubes, shred cabbage. In a pan, saute the onions and cabbage.

• In the hot broth to shift the onion, cabbage and parsley. Cooking 16-15 minutes. Then from the broth to remove the wings. Meat separated from the bones, chop it and throw it back into the soup.

Serve with fresh baguette and sour cream.

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