July 1, 2016

Christmas table always tempts with its diversity. And no matter how delicious we did not seem to stomach many of them are quite heavy. And January 31, our body does have a serious test. The whole day we don’t have the time to devote time for a normal lunch, and we actually go hungry. At night, when the natural clock of the body more fit for sleep than for a meal – we eat a large variety of all kinds of delights.

However, there is one secret of how to prepare for the celebration and to please the whole family delicious and healthy dish. Cheese soup chicken and broccoli is very tender and gentle for the stomach. And most importantly, it’s a great way to get little capricious to eat this is not favorite, but very useful, especially for kids, the asparagus cabbage. Besides a complete meal in this easy soup is some preparation for the Christmas feast.

The miracle soup from a doting mother

The soup is a hearty lunch for dad, healthy and tasty at the same time for the baby and very easy and quick recipe for my mom. Indeed, the preparation of cheese the miracle will not take you much time. In addition, the process can be easily combined with preparation for the holiday. With the calculation for a family of 4 people we need:

– 2 liters of water (or prepared low-fat broth);

– medium sized carrot;

a medium – sized onion;

– 2 medium potatoes;

– 300 g of broccoli;

– chicken fillet (one large or two small);

– 2 processed cheese (cheese soup);

– butter.

Attention! In any case, do not use for cooking this soup is vegetable oil, especially unrefined with characteristic taste and smell. Even if it won’t ruin the dish, it will not do him good that’s for sure.

Secret! How to save time

To save cooking time, use a secret passage. Before starting to prepare the soup, heat the needed amount of water in the kettle and heat up the stove (if electric). So Your chicken cook much faster!

The stages of preparation

1. While heated kettle, chicken fillet cut into small pieces. Once it boils, in already hot water to boil, throw the chicken (about 6-8 minutes). Salt.

2. While fillets cook, peel the onion and carrot. Cut into small cubes and set aside.

3. Prepare broccoli and potatoes: divide into florets, peel and cut into cubes. Put them in a pan to the chicken and leave to cook (3-5 minutes). Salt.

4. While the vegetables and continue to cook the fillets, fry on butter onions and carrots. Constantly stir and use small fire to oil did not burn. When the vegetables become slightly Golden, pour them into a soup.

5. Cut small pieces of cheese and throw it in the pan. Cook and stir until until it melts completely. Pepper and stir.

6. Set aside the saucepan to the side. Leave the soup to stand for 1-2 minutes and using Brender grind the contents into a puree.

Serve with greens. Cheese soup with chicken and broccoli – a very useful and incredibly tasty dish for the whole family. Bon appetit!

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