July 1, 2016

• Chicken breast fillet
• 400 g mushrooms
• 3 the processed cheese without additives
• Salt
• Pepper

How to cook correct soup?

You need a small saucepan. Mushrooms should be pre-cut into slices and processed cheese to RUB on a small teracce.
First, boil a chicken breast. When the chicken is almost ready take it out of the broth. At this point, thrown the sliced mushrooms. And chicken, until the mushrooms are cooked, nazyvaemom into small pieces. Just be sure nazyvaemom, not cut. So the chicken does not lose juiciness. Mushrooms brought to full readiness, and threw in a pot of chicken. Leave for 10 minutes, then add grated processed cheese. Mix thoroughly until cheese melts in the liquid. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. The soup is ready!
When serving you can add in a bowl a spoon of sour cream, it will only improve the taste of soup “julienne”. Bon appetit!

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