July 2, 2016

Valentine’s day is the most romantic holiday. It celebrates love every person on earth. And, probably, anyone want to treat your mate exotic appetizers, breakfasts and desserts. So let’s try to surprise loved ones romantic snacks.

1. Cheese Rafaello


· 2 chicken eggs

· 6 cloves of garlic

· 200 g crab sticks

· 600 g of the processed cheese

· 100 g of mayonnaise

Method of preparation:

· Rubbing cottage cheese, boiled eggs, garlic, grated, and pour mayonnaise. To mix until obtaining a homogeneous mass.

· Grate crab sticks on a medium grater.

· Roll the mass into balls and roll in shavings of crab sticks.

Cheese Rafaello ready.

2. Wafer wet-fish tartlets


· 100 g red fish

· 100 g cottage cheese

· 2 sprigs of greenery

· 1 cucumber

· 4 pieces of waffle baskets

Method of preparation:

· Wash the greens in running water and finely chop.

· Wipe the cottage cheese in the blender, to avoid lumps, and mix with greens.

· Red fish cut into thin slices.

· Cucumber cut into semi-circular slices.

· Fill waffle baskets received mass.

· Put in the center, rolled in a roll, slice fish, and the edges in cheese and insert the cucumber. Form calculations should resemble a flower.

Wafer wet-fish tartlets are ready! Bon appetit!

3. Hot hearts


· Bread or a loaf

· Onions

· Cheese

· Minced meat

· Mayonnaise

Method of preparation:

· Onions cleaned from the husk and cut into half rings.

· Using a knife or special molds cut out bread crumb hearts.

· On a baking sheet lay out bread shapes, and on each slice on the bed of onions.

· Mince making small cakes in the shape of a heart and place on top of onions.

· Grate cheese and sprinkle on Tarocco im willing hearts.

· Put everything in the oven on 160 degrees and bake 20 minutes.

The food is ready!

When creating a romantic dinner you can prepare any of the above snacks. They are very easy and quick to prepare. And on the table look with a special festive mood.

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