July 2, 2016

Here is coming the new year. Of course, it is now necessary to think and plan what to cook for the holiday table. Everyone knows that this holiday should be more interesting and beautiful snacks. It can be said, “convenient” meals. Take a look at a few recipes snacks on the festive table.

Currently the fashion is such an interesting ingredient, as the pita bread. With it, there is the possibility of cooking many of delicious dishes.

Our first appetizer is called a “Cake of bread”.

To cook it we need:

-two ready-made Uzbek bread,




-sunflower oil,


-as well as seasoning to your taste.

First, chop the mushrooms and onions finely. Then fry on sunflower oil, constantly stirring. Now put pita on the entire length and spread the top with mayonnaise. Then pour the filling of mushrooms and onions on top and drench with mayonnaise. Now closing another sheet of lavash and press well, then put in the fridge for a few hours to cake soaked. When serving, cut it into small equal square pieces. It turns out very quick, easy and satisfying.

The following recipe is also very tasty, but a bit more expensive than the first.

In order to prepare it we need:





-potato chips.

Cheese need to RUB on a grater. Salmon grind in a meat grinder. Mix these ingredients and add to them the mayonnaise. Now carefully stir.

Then spread this mixture on potato chips and sprinkle on top of red caviar. When serving, platter on which to place our cooked dish liberally sprinkle finely chopped herbs (parsley, dill).

The following appetizer is a light salad.

This salad consists of:

-boiled, chopped potatoes,

-chopped cheese

-carrots in Korean,

-wheat crackers.

Before you can add to the overall dish the crackers to soften them in mayonnaise. That is, they are abundantly watered, that they swell. Then all of the total weight of the mix and add the mayonnaise and chopped fresh herbs. You can optionally add the garlic. Then put in the fridge for half an hour. We hope that through our recipes, your holiday table will be varied and tasty, and most importantly enjoy your guests.

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