Skin care in winter: truth and fiction

February 2, 2017

Can a moisturizing cream turn into ice? What resources can cause irreparable harm? And what most skin needs in the winter, says Irina Parfenova, dermatologist, cosmetologist, head of the Scientific-methodical Department GK “Martinex”, the doctor in the Author’s clinic of aesthetic cosmetology and plastic surgery “Reform.”

In the winter skin is prone to external factors and requires careful maintenance. The main problem of the skin associated with colds — dehydration, resulting in loss of elasticity and dryness. The skin becomes more sensitive and dry than in summer. This is a consideration when choosing cosmetics.

Basic care

Soothing barrier cream – ideal for basic daily skin care. Thanks to their composition of plant components, the tools at the cellular level, prevent the appearance of redness and irritation, relieve uncomfortable sensations (feeling of tightness, dryness and itching), soothe the skin, providing an antioxidant effect. Also will be useful in the winter 1-2 times a week do a hydrating mask for the face, neck and décolleté. Don’t forget about the salon procedures: particularly fruitful are those that are aimed at restoring the lipid levels and increase the local skin immunity.


During cold weather it is necessary to abandon the use of various gels and foams for washing, since these funds violate the water balance of the skin. Use hydrating cleansing milk, which removes makeup residue, but it does not desiccate the skin and does not damage the hydrolipid mantle.

Read the composition

The composition of the winter care products for skin must include components such as vitamin C (it has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels of the circulatory system), vitamin a (nourishes the skin), plant extracts (prevent the occurrence of irritation and allergic reactions). Also pay attention to the presence in the composition of oils of vegetable origin, which reduce the hypersensitivity of the skin, helping to eliminate dryness and enhance its protective functions.

That your skin needs?

In order to help your skin survive the cold, do not forget that her basic needs this winter – hydration and protection.

Do not use in the morning lotions for toning the skin (especially alcohol) – alcohol contributes to dehydration. The cream that you used as a base for makeup should contain no more than 25% of water, i.e. to be an emulsion “water in oil”. For example, cream Sensiderm Stress Protect Cream, Dr. Schrammek has a remarkable protective and regenerative properties. However, even these quite dense in texture, it is recommended to use no later than 30 minutes before going outside. There is a popular myth that the water in the skin in frosty weather turns to ice, which damages skin cells. This myth is true only in part – the temperature of the skin of a living person cannot fall to zero, but the skin water cosmetics are able to turn into ice crystals, which lead to a thinning of hydrolipidic mantle and increased sensitivity of the skin, which manifests itself as redness, itching, peeling.

For oily and combination skin

The skin of this type is not suitable nourishing cream with a dense texture. To help oily skin to cope with the cold is capable of varying the fluid helium which has a light texture, composed of components with anti-inflammatory effect.

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