Sister Sofia Rotaru openly talked about the terrible tragedy in the life of the singer

August 8, 2016

Sister of the singer, on August 7th, which turned 69 years, was first told about the death of her husband artist.

On August 7th, Sofia Rotaru celebrated 69 years old. All day in the singer flew numerous congratulations from friends, colleagues and admirers, who never ceased to admire the appearance of the artist. Because, in their opinion, she looks 20 years younger. A celebrity despite his age, shows a slim, trim figure and glowing skin. Previously, the star admitted that she tries not to limit themselves in food, and if she needs to lose a few pounds, she resorts to a short mono-diet.

Aside from congratulating left and relatives of Sofia Mikhailovna, who called it the most radiant actress and wished the birthday girl joy and more reasons to smile. And the sister singer’s 57-year-old Africa Rotaru in a recent interview with “the Interlocutor” has told about the most terrible tragedy in the life of the celebrity. She remembered the hard times that the artist had to overcome 14 years ago, when after a stroke killed her husband Anatoly Evdokimenko.

“Sonia has been through so that we were afraid to leave her alone! Of course, as could, supported. Sonia refused all concerts and filming for the first time in thirty years did not participate in the final of the TV program “song of the year”. For six months she even disappeared from the TV screens. Did not sing, did not come on the scene, closed in on itself. Every day in the morning went to the cemetery, on the grave of her husband, and held there for several hours. Talked to him as a living!” – said the sister of the singer.

Aurika said that to get out of this state Sofia helped her son Ruslan, who asked her to leave negativity in the past and start writing a new song in memory of his father. “One evening, her son Ruslan sat Sonia and said, “Mom, you need to work. At least for the memory of the father! Let’s dedicate him a new song. He let us THERE rejoice”. Convinced my mom to start singing, found new composers. Sonia has recorded an album dedicated to Anatoliy Yevdokymenko, and called “the one”. She went to work”, – quotes the sister of a celebrity “the Source”.

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