Single fathers who are willing to do anything for their children

February 2, 2017

To raise a child alone is difficult, but if you’re a lone dad of the little girl is doubly difficult.

Bake a cake, braid plait or difficult to change into a fairy costume for daddy, nothing is impossible when it comes to his little girl. Look at these examples of love, courage and boundless imagination.

His daughter was 4 years old, and he for the first time in my life I baked a cake.

To learn how to braid daughter, he had special training

After the death of his wife during childbirth, people helped him to recover the recording of her songs, and now their child is listening to mother’s lullaby. And he plans to accomplish all the items on the wish list wife

Single dad in Fairies and his daughter in Princess

This Is Aaron. He became a single father at the age of 19

The daughter asked her father to teach her how to shave her legs. Well, he did

“I’m a single dad. My favorite color is green. And my daughter knows that today I had a bad day”

This man is a pilot, and he often takes with him into the flight my daughter

They won the competition for the best costume!

When daughter loves to paint and painted

This bracelet daughter made for him about two years ago. Since he did not remove

Build a Fort out of boxes? Easy.

Time SPA and a movie with the girls!

“To be a single dad of a little girl at times difficult, but sometimes I have emotions that others can’t”

Nail salon

Daughter asked the bath for her stuffed rabbit

Every morning, waking his daughter, he makes her a selfie

They are so close, even shave together

This bouquet was waiting for his daughter after the first day of kindergarten

One day the daughter asked him to bake a noncircular pancakes

A single father teaches other men to braid cornrows

This photograph perfectly illustrates the life of a single father

Single father first sends a three year old daughter in kindergarten. And crying.

When a child is sick

Mandatory bedtime story

Joint training

“Little red riding Hood, I’ll eat you!”

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