Singer Natalie told how he survived the loss of two children

August 24, 2016

Fans love the singer for her light, upbeat songs and cheerful disposition. However, in the life of a star was a heavy loss, which she openly said in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

42-year-old singer Natalie happily married with her husband Alexander Rudin for 25 years and brings a 15-year-old six-year-old Arseny and Anatoly. The singer has long been dreaming about her daughter, but is afraid to think, she has already experienced the loss of children, and fears the evil eye.

Few people know that in 17 years the singer has suffered a miscarriage, and then “frozen” pregnancy. After the star has lost a child twice, and she fell into a deep depression and for a long time could not get pregnant. However, several years later, still a miracle happened and Natalie gave wife two sons.

“For ten years my husband and had no children. At some point I even stopped to think about it. I’ve accepted it and lived in quiet state. Of course, I asked higher power for help. But the absence of children calmly: living as people without them. I believe that my two children begged. When I first got pregnant, took it as a miracle. And when the second time, then do as the miracle of miracles!” — Natalie said in an interview.

The singer added that despite previous experience, is not afraid of new pregnancy and will be happy if God will send her the girl and the husband supports her in this endeavor.

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