Shirt-monster with his own hands

January 25, 2017

We all have one sweater, too common to be out in it, but too comfortable to throw away.

You will need a zipper, scissors, some fabric 3 colors and matching thread. Sew on the hands or the machine, it does not matter.Draw the eyes with a pupil and glare on the sheet of paper.Cut them out along the external contour and the first place on the chest of the sweater. Mark, where are the eyes of the monster where mouth-zipper.
Cut the eyes out of fabric.
Don’t forget the eyeballs and glare.Stitch the elements of the eye together.Sew them on the sweater.Out of white fabric cut out mouth and tab on it the contours of your teeth.Vsheyte in the mouth zipper.The resulting item will look like in closed form as a pencil case. Penetrate the mouth on the sweater.And vsheyte the mouth of your monster. Ready!Materials

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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