Shiny head! 10 Russian men who are bald to face

August 22, 2016

Admire these celebrities and think – but who needs hair! After all, our shaven beauties – honored sex symbols.

Dmitriy Nagiev

We are sure that after the series “Teacher”, where Dmitriy Nagiev has won the hearts of spectators from 15 to 90 years, to shave my head decided all sensible men. Because the charm of bald men – a serious bid for success! Besides, no one just can’t remember how it looked Nagiyev hair.

Gosha Kutsenko

The brutal style of the actor simply demanded major changes: Kutsenko shaved off her hair – and instantly dropped ten years, tripled army of fans and added a hundred points to the power of his charisma.

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Fedor Bondarchuk is deservedly considered the most stylish Russian Director and a shaved head fits in perfectly with this style. And, of course, leads to devastating success with women – that’s an affair with Paulina Andreeva moving steadily to the wedding.

Yegor Druzhinin

The mentor show “Dancing” Yegor Druzhinin for many years true to your style and bald head – the same invariable part of his image, and passion for dancing.

Denis Semenikhin

Televeduschiy and fitness expert Denis Semenikhin can give great tips not only about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, but also to tell you how women like: confident posture, with a shaved head and a gaze, which women lose their heads.

Maxim Averin

Maxim Averin experiments with images: in the movie, he appeared with hair of different lengths and colors, gladkovybrityh and a sexy stubble. But that bare head caused the fans a real delight: Maxim, they wrote the actor in social networks as you is going to be clean-shaven!

Evgeniy Stychkin

Evgeniy Stychkin many years ago without any regret parted hair and now deservedly part of our top ten most skinheads and most stylish.

Yuri Kolokolnikov

Yuri Kolokolnikov in everyday life prefers a neat and stylish haircut, but as willing to sacrifice the hair as many times Director. In the TV series “Anxious” his character wears two-millimeter length of hair, and in one of the seasons of “game of thrones” to the bald head make-up artists added frightening scars – very stylish!

Sam Klebanov

Producer and broadcaster not only has a unique style, but also vote for a healthy lifestyle – and has even developed its own diet, which emphasizes on beneficial fats.

Alexander Rosenbaum

Bald Alexander Rosenbaum – such as his calling card, as the song “Waltz Boston” – another singer we no longer remember.

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