Shine like a star: make-up secrets famous women

August 19, 2016

No matter how we treat celebrities, you have to admit – they dictate fashion, inspiring us in search of “the purse” and instilling a love of certainly soft pink lipstick. However, each star shining on the screen is the person who creates the image with zero make – up, and he, like a true magician, he knows where to hold it, so tomorrow this makeup discussed.

We asked celebrity makeup artist Alexander Lukash about what secrets are hidden under the TV makeup, I prefer famous women and what makeup is better to use in everyday life.

Pimple to cover up bruises – leave

On the TV screen of the face seem flawless but completely natural – of course it’s an illusion, and to achieve this effect you have by using a whole Arsenal of cosmetics. But if working with young women requires only competent selection of shades, the age of TV presenters look quite different. Often years oval face “are blurry, so the crisp tones need to hard contouring of the chin, cheekbones and lower jaw (of course, carefully shading). Also, with age, the upper eyelids start to hang and to remove this effect, we need to shade in the crease of the upper eyelid and slightly above the dark pigment matte shadows that create a sense of “openness” of the eye. Lighting in the TV Studio is also very important: if bulb warm tone, then you can relax a little – the light itself that enhances the beauty, but if cold, you have to exclude some of the techniques. For example, a bluish light eliminates the use of blue and light pink shades of makeup.

By the way, if the broadcaster of the programme and the characters (as in talk shows), they paint differently. First, this makeup should not be brighter or frilly makeup leading (if the subject also implies), and secondly, must conform to the image of the guest. For example, a mother-heroine from the village who gets up at five in the morning and goes to milk the cows, can’t look radiant – she probably will leave bruises from lack of sleep, a Metropolitan party girl in mini dress will not be harmonious without bright color accents and some of the overkill in the makeup. As for the hair – you’ve probably noticed that almost all the leading hair pulled back? The fact that long hair on the screen do not look too nice: if they put forward, they will close the suit, and if the head will look flat. Remain a simple volume hairstyles or short haircut. You can, of course, to make a smooth comb-over as, for example, Ekaterina Andreeva, but it is not for everyone.

Guided by the stars

There is a saying “How many people – so many opinions”, but my version sounds like “How many people – so many looks, and no matter what they say about schemas and types, I’m sure that even “naked” makeup at all will look different. Now many brands (for example, Urban Decay or Too Faced) produce specialized palettes for makeup, smoky eyes, and there are really well chosen shades, but the ear with examples of make-up I good idea do not believe. I’m sure that there is no typical make – up- even at the same study the emphasis will still move depending on eye shape, size and structure of the upper eyelid. For example, working with a group of “Silver” at the Eurovision song contest, we focused on the eyelashes (glued and the top and bottom) and smoky eyes. Makeup was done in a biker style, but we combined it with the Japanese Schoolgirls. The girls looked slightly sloppy, but then it took us a really long time, and it turned out flawless bold smoky eyes.

Today among the stars with whom I work, many connoisseurs of natural – everyone wants to see a pretty face and not achieve the cosmetic industry. As example we can take three of the most popular singers – Christina Aguilera, Maxim and Valeria – they love the natural hues, but we understand that, for example, Valeria and Maxim’s will be completely different accents and textures. With Maxim we often do radiant makeup create a very youthful face, using a primer with illuminating effect that simultaneously soothes the skin (for example, Lush Feeling younger), mineral powder a couple of shades darker and lighter shade of the eyelids, a light Foundation with a satin finish and glossy lip gloss in a natural shade. Valerie on the contrary do very matte skin and smoky light also focusing on the eyelashes. Select a matte lipstick, nodovoy and with a warm undertone and the glitter often pinkish or transparent.

Christina Aguilera, by the way, are the same shades that Valerie, but she prefers darker, smoky and cool shades of shadows, mostly grey. Generally speaking, Christine is perhaps the most peaceful in all that relates to makeup, and I fully trust the people he works with. By the way, she’s very interested in mineral makeup, brought from abroad, versed in this.

This approach I, as a makeup artist, very nice. The fact that for 20 years I have tried a lot of cosmetics and choose the best for yourself – professional brand Becca, producing new generation products and caring, and decorative at the same time. Celebrities sometimes have to spend 10 hours in full makeup, and if you take a professional makeup brand that does not care about the skin of the buyers, a couple of years from young girls to become world-weary woman. Girls who have no need for super-tight and strong makeup, I would not recommend the use of professional cosmetics brands too often, it is better to buy a good luxury (Burberry, Tom Ford, Chanel) and high-quality care cosmetics (e.g., Kiehl’s).

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