Shadow Boxing: you vs his ex

August 22, 2016

Competing with his ex, you are dooming yourself to failure. And not because his ex was better. And not because it is not involved in the fight, and in fact you are fighting with a shadow. And because the real enemy is not where you think.

March Cetro

Many years ago I was keenly interested in the question of what to do if a man engages me in competition with the dumped woman. In my opinion, absolutely anything at least once in life was in communications, where she was diligently inculcated a sense of inferiority. In the most romantic moments close to you with a sad smile report that suddenly remembered “that”

  • it was such a funny way to move your ears during orgasm
  • rare kindness
  • chest of incredible beauty
  • resounding success in business
  • mouth exciting forms
  • amazing ability for languages
  • different colored eyes
  • and great buns (pies).

This was reported not once, of course,a La carte and without reproach. But somehow, in the time when you lie on your back without a bra,you suddenly learn about her perfect Tits and armpit slipped! And when not given a coin to a homeless man annoying, and then it turns out that she willingly worked in the hospice. Sweet mouth will emerge in the days of herpes, and exotic eyes — if your evenly red from the cold. When you are not sure as a native of Charlotte, failed to work or failed to read the announcement in English — you know what you will hear. Information about the wiggling ears in the peak moments of passion may sound in the most unpredictable moment and prepare for this.

At first, while a woman is in love, like a Dachshund, she takes these cues as a guide to action. Cooking school, language courses, Greek and Blowjob, a sudden career leap,in the most extreme case — silicone implants and colored lenses.

You guessed it, adding to the feet of men their victims, she learns that all is good,but the adorably round head, and she was seventeen when he saw her, innocent as Beatrice, running in a white dress. And what do we have ears?

After that, the woman slightly servenet and begins to be sarcastic. When watching “Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka” quietly asked: what is actually moving? At the first hint of mercy naguglit unpleasant facts from the life of Mother Teresa. Presenting photos from Facebook fat Beatrice. Will hair color and shape of feet, fortunately, already aware of her slightest anatomical features. I, for example, to the end of his days will remember that the girl, who had abandoned my first love, the left breast was noticeably bigger right. You know? I almost forgot your real name, and one will forget the multiplication table,but Katina Boobs will rise above the horizon of my memory even in the days of insanity.

Waving their own ex will not help either. It is useless to tell that the wallet was thicker and taller than a man simply will be offended and say that you push and drive him to the complexes. The Parallels with your behavior you will not see in an emphasis. And Yes, the a lot more subtle.

By the way, to compete you will not only have advantages, but also disadvantages. During the period of fees you will be quietly cheering, listening to what she was a scandalous bitch or impenetrable ice. And to celebrate, will begin to show complaisance or emotionality, respectively. But gradually you will notice that the man remembers her nasty escapades with unusual warmth: Oh, God, how she tormented me, like throwing cups at the wall, not his face, silently took forever! What was that?! The heat of the moment can bring themselves to the point where a psychiatrist will give honest information about hysteroid disorder,or to win the contest of thugs, but she still won by default.

Because the man standing by a compelling argument. “I just loved her more.” Surprisingly, after this phrase women in love do not go away, and just cry.

It will sound the best Dating, in the days of the fabulous success after the good sex. You are beautiful, you done, you did your best. Just he loved her more. And so you unbearably pathetic and inferior in every victory, in an attempt to improve and to outdo that.

The most gentle of women are comforted by the thought that they are still good together. Let worse but still good, right? Maybe try to sculpt happiness from there? But this form of a nip a bed of flowers the cemetery will not allow them to soak long enough. Every request to do something for her and the “relationship” a woman stumbles upon the iron resistance: I like this as it is and don’t want to change anything. OK, you can live with, but there should be a sequel: here for her… For her I was ready to move to another town, went to work on the scene, quit Smoking, and shaved his beard. And for you — VI-no, don’t even stop to write on the floor with cut nails, not to mention the fact that they outweigh the mirror to the height of your height or not to flirt with a random neighbor in a movie theater. It something I never noticed, and now — VI-nor. I don’t want to lose you. But never stop crying about it deep in my heart (I swear, it’s not the ladies ‘ novel pilfer and real monologue).

And I’m sure every woman who was in such a relationship knows that the way to defeat the”Tu” does exist. A single, sad, but iron. Just to throw it.

Needless to say that after this, all the credit to that beautiful that they’ll end up on your head? Needless to say that all subsequent girlfriends will die of envy of you? Needless to say that for years you will receive a letter from him, full of discreet bitterness? At least until the next genius will not get tired to jump over the high hanging “nanakay” and not guess to leave him.

Admittedly, special irritation in a year or two after this story you will have. I, perhaps, felt some Schadenfreude. Because the next woman can do yourself curly hair, like me, or I don’t know, from a great love to be a writer and to Booker. But he’s still going to leave it with the fact that my leg is thirty-third in size. Because no love can make a foot small, second-rate man. He’s still going to ruin it.

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