Sergey Belogolovtsev: “Go for your favorite at the end of the world? Young people today will not understand.”

November 8, 2016

Sergey Belogolovtsev and his wife Natalia this year celebrate a big anniversary – 30 years of marriage. “Home” had asked the popular presenter a few questions about his personal life.

Sergey, what each of you have given these years?

Three children, two grandchildren, and dogs. We learned each other to hear and to curb the emotions. I learned to cook, Natasha is a joke. If you live in a family where all joke with each other, it is possible to train.

They say men are the comedians of the house – terrible tyrants.

This is the truth. We are the creative people, the mood swings happen often, and the result is a contrast. It is in good health joking all day, then all laugh, and kiss, and tell them how us luck. On the contrary, something hurts or just doesn’t feel right and you would think that Jekyll and Hyde switch places.

Scientists predict that with increasing lifetime duration of marriages will decrease. People would have time to raise children, to fall in love again and start a new family… we are sad. Is there no advantage in long and the only relations?

Makes sense… And who is sad? Most girls probably mainly? No, of course, long-term relationships, especially those where you get along, that’s great. This means that you do not live only with the woman, but also a loyal friend. And weave that into the next marriage already and wants, this will not happen. Some of my friends tried it – it didn’t work. Now regret, past relationships not to glue…

When your Natalya’s married to you, she already knew how to iron shirts, cook soup, to farm? Or studied on the move?

You know, Natasha was absolutely ready wife, and it is not to be able to cook or to wash the floor, it’s all nonsense! She was 23 years old, and I suddenly went from Moscow to the far East. Another would say: well, I’m sorry, man, I have a career, baby, let’s be on the phone to chat, but I’m not going. And this one just took one-year-old son came and went for me in a small mining village, where there was nothing, then there are God knows where. This is a woman with Russian character. I then realized that it was just a real companion of life.

What you need to know about men a girl who is going to marry for the long haul?

It was horrible to think that I’d have to say that his little granddaughter. But I will say this: first, see if it does not have to be boring and gunderloy, and should be fun and easy, and it will poison your life. Second: don’t be naughty, be able to go to meet him, easy and quick to put up with him, do not hold long harm. If he’s a good guy and genuinely wants to make peace, just help him to do it. And accustom it every day to tell you good words.

And what should be ready young man?

On his way a lot of dangers. First, it should be ready for the fact that he is born a child, and approximately at least he should try to ask what to do with it, this alien creature, which crawled to him through the window. Otherwise, it’s terrible! I would Federal law forced parents to go to special courses where they will teach what to do.

Second, the husband will have to communicate periodically with the parents of his wife, and they are different. Among them also come across alien beings.

And thirdly, you need to get used to the fact that if he likes, any separation from you even for a week might drive him crazy.

We’re talking about the temptations?

No, just the first few years is better from each other not to break away, young people need to live all the time in an embrace. But if they kind of force breaks, they just can go crazy and do stupid things.

What in your character’s wife had long used? Some small but pernicious flaw?

My wife said that I had a perfect character that I was the most kind, gentle and forgiving man. On the contrary, over the years I began to deteriorate and turn into a grouch, misanthrope and a whiner. That is, the flaws appeared over time, and she has not had time to get used to them. May not have time to get used to, because I have them myself really struggling.

Who needs to help the woman household, the children, the husband or the housekeeper?

If it is possible, of course, the housekeeper. I for a while became a householder now and doing some minimal things: cook, load the dishwasher, wash, hang out, things to understand, which is why all the time-that accumulate around the house… these simple steps it takes half a day! I just realized these Soviet women who had to work, cook, stand in line for bananas, it turns out to be a hell of a job. And if you have the opportunity to engage in interesting activities as going to the movies, exercise, read books, then you need to choose it.

What do you like wife to do together?

“Ski dreams” – our joint project. (Rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy and other health problems through skiing. –Approx. Ed.) But at home we enjoy watching your favorite movies, TV shows…

How to raise real men?

The father should raise a son who would never hurt a woman. And if you accidentally hurt, then upset and tries to make amends. I remember at some point my adult children started trying to talk back to mom. I was led into the adjoining room and said, “There’s my girl. And the one who hurt her, will receive from me in the melon. And when you have your girl, you too will have to do.” So I unexpectedly brought this formula: a real man is one who will always protect his woman.

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