Sergei Zhukov: any smart wife there is a husband smarter!

December 19, 2016

In the past year musician Sergei Zhukov was 40 years old, the group “Hands up!” – 20. Anniversary date, the project marks a big tour.

Sergey, the year was special for you?

Yes, on the one hand, a lot of joy and wonderful celebration across the country, sold out solo concerts, release of new songs, great media attention… on the other hand – loss. My wife and I this year both lost our dads. Now I’m senior man in the family, it’s time to take the baton and carry on children.

Share large experience: who’s easier to raise – boys or girls?

In the first years – girls and boys first napryazhenka with them want to be a little tougher: he’s just a kid, he’s like “must understand”. Then when girls grow up, with them harder: hands reach for the gun to shoot the villains who crowds walking around. But the boy calmly say: “Come let us walk!”

How does it feel in forty years? What about the gray hair in his beard and lusty?

About the devil don’t know anything yet. I’ll call you in five years on this issue? Grey hairs too, no luck – good genetics. For the filming of the clip “While we were young”, where I play myself in a nursing home, I glued a white streak. In General, is that the only difference from my youth – think more about health and in the morning, drink green tea and vitamins. Because you need to be in the form of – I depends on family, and career.

How about groupies? What you see at concerts? We’ve changed? But don’t flatter…

Come on, you guys don’t change! Still partying like it was twenty years ago. She is the Director of the plant, or mother of three children still so young and beautiful. I always joke that in 20 years I with a stick on the stage to squat, and in the hall – all those young faces. But, by the way, at concerts and 16-year-old a lot, at least half, and it’s fun! It turns out, already the third generation is coming to listen to us with their mothers, so we do things correctly.

Most importantly you understand about women today?

They are monstrous and very favorite! Wife, daughter, mother – the most important words in my life. My sons will tell you one simple truth: the wife must be sought not in Moscow and not in a nightclub. Go, son, to the library and get yourself there girl. Yes, my Regina of show business (Former soloist of “VIA “Slivki”” – Approx. Ed.) but she is an exception, it is generally “you” to their parents calls and kisses for the first time in six months after acquaintance.

The latest clarification about the library. There are smart women go. Are not you afraid that the sons of such would be difficult?

I am not afraid. Because any smart wife there is a husband smarter!

Maria Vasilyeva

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