Secrets of the marriage, Elina Bystritskaya

July 29, 2016

Famous Aksinya from “the quiet don” will remain the calling card for the actress, which account for only movie role about 30, what to say about its implementation in the theatre! But personal life beauties were quiet and loyal: Bystritskaya all his life loved only her husband.

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Elina Bystritskaya was born in the Ukraine. Her father was a talented doctor-infectious disease specialist, and my mother worked as a cook in the same hospital where dad worked. Daughter the couple named in honor of the heroine of favorite pieces – Illinoi, but the second l passport did not hear, and the unusual name of the baby was even more strange.

Grown girl funny and naughty daddy’s favourite. Abraham Petrovich instilled in her daughter a love of Billiards and outdoor games and jokes, which often are addicted to the boys. Child, she to the laughter and applause of the adults, could easily parodied favorite movie characters of the time.

When she was 13, the war began. Elina then took a job as a nurse in a military hospital. Dad didn’t get enough on daughter and are already rubbing their hands: fulfilled his dream, Elina will continue his dynasty and to become a doctor. But the girl did not hurry to agree with the Pope.

The third time

Photo: TASS

Nevertheless, at the insistence of his father, graduating in 1944 the school, she was enrolled in medical school. First, they gave me the scholarship, secondly, with dad it was hard to argue. But medicine was not her calling, but the students are waiting for different extracurricular activities. So Elina was in drama club.

Preparing one of the performances, on view in the Studio, the students invited their parents. Elina’s mother experienced a great shock when the daughter came in wearing a t-shirt and the applause of the hall performed a belly dance. Throughout the scene, Esther Isaakovna blush for the child, and then told her husband what the vulgarity involved in the drama club

After graduating from College, had conquered the dramatic art of the girl was going to Kyiv to join the theater, but the father, whose word was a law in the family again protested. As a result, in the Ukrainian capital, he went with her to prove that no theater University such as Elina does not need!

It is not known what the conversations were during a trip between father and daughter, but did not Bystritskaya in the theatre and in teaching, the faculty, and not in Kiev, and in Nijinska, where the family then lived. And only a year, showing the character and defying the stubborn parent, filed documents in the Kiev Institute of theatrical art and has passed all the exams.


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For the first time by showing the character, now Bystritskaya never renounced their principles. About them often on his experience learned young men. Too self-willed students of Metropolitan University was naughty, fell in love, made of passion and sometimes not very decent courtship. Brought up in the rigors of Elina, this situation has not been touched until then, until it touches her personally.

Classmates knew Bystritskaya trifled with. You can get a serious rebuke, and especially blatant was given slaps. Once one of the students decided to make fun of a serious girl. Just before its exit to the stage whistled in her ear! Visited the front as a teen girl and without that does not tolerate loud sounds, such as close contact with an irritant and does could cost her hearing. Angry, Bystritskaya gave the offender such a beating that he immediately went to complain about her to the Dean’s office.

Against Elina then stood up all previously offended talented girl students. The University raised the question of her expulsion, and she eagerly said: “If you see yourself tomorrow in the list of expelled, look for me in the river!”

The girl words in the wind drops, so the future actress left the Institute, but, remembering the fight against “cosmopolitanism”, or more simply, with the Jews, began to oppress, to punish, silence and solitude.

Stood up for the student, which predicted a great future, her teacher. Gathered a group and warned that any harassment Bystritskaya will be severely punished.

His tough character Elina chopped off and their own career. When, during a distribution, the Director of the chersonesan theatre pointed her finger and ordered the evening together with him in a restaurant, publicly refused him, and then was not able to work with a person, allowing such liberties. In the end went to work in Vilnius, and already therefrom – to Moscow.

Not recognized

Her novels is not much known. Growing up in the rigor of beauty about his personal life tells all love experiences locks with a key inside, in the heart. She his lawful wife never spread, failing even in the theater, where he worked to hide the name of a loved one.

Bystritskaya was already married when she came to fame. In the theatre, where she served, everyone knew that the level of life of the actress is far from the average Soviet. Huge apartment in the center of Moscow, alluded housekeeper, personal hairdressers and dressmakers, fashionable and elegant European clothing… Bystritskaya, one of the first in the USSR appeared jeans, sheepskin, fashion boots. Sometimes it is brought and taken from the theatre official car, she allowed herself rest on the best beaches available then the Soviet man.

Of course, in the theater whispering that the actress married whether for General, official, close to the Secretary General and the person asking did not dare: you never know what can end this curiosity?

However, the explanation was obvious: a noble handsome man with grey hair did not miss the performances of the spouse and in the company of fans of theatrical art. His name was Nikolay Kuzminskiy and he worked in the translation Department at the Ministry of foreign trade of the USSR.

The only

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Bystritskaya was famous for his principled rejection from fleeting Affairs with the powers that be, and knew that paying for implacable temper of their own careers. But when a handsome, handsome Kuzminski few days after acquaintance, asked her hand in marriage, agreed.

He was known in the theatre mainly because he loved art and his actors, and to Elina had already been married twice in the ballerina, on the other actress. However it the young woman could be truly happy. He admired the beauty and talent of his famous wife, was proud of her and created all conditions for comfortable life. She paid him that kept the hearth and managed to create a warm relationship with the children of her husband from a previous marriage. Their spouses were not.

Never separated them death, rather the opposite. Quite happy after living 27 years in wedlock, the actress suddenly found out about the cheating spouse! It was a strong blow to her pride and trust that she unequivocally felt for Nicholas. Not afraid of loneliness, she filed for divorce.

Now Elina Avraamovna lives in his country house near Moscow, make friends with the neighbors – Vladimir Pozner and Vasily Lanovoy. Tries to keep fit with gymnastic exercises, and the questions of the press says that has no regrets, because she had it all: love, fame, and children of the former husband. Therefore, in General, it is truly a happy man.

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