November 14, 2016

Hello dear readers recipes and lovers of delicious dishes!

Today I’ll post my most recent recipe for scrambled eggs, which should be prepared in the early autumn while there is still cauliflower.

Although there is such information that cauliflower can be frozen without losing its useful properties. Worth a try and stock up on cauliflower for the winter in this way.

Omelette — a simple and a favorite of many dishes. Therefore, people invented a great many varieties. And nothing special and does not need to invent — the intuition will prompt (or stomach?), what products combine the egg.

By the way, you know that there are theories and scientific and not really scientific data on the compatibility of the products? At the end of the recipe I will talk about what is best to eat eggs.


This beautiful cauliflower, rather is cabbage flowers of the inflorescence. They’re in our usual omelette today will rule the roost. So we write “Omelet in a slow cooker with cauliflower” — 1 PC.

Here is a step-by-step recipe


  • – 7-8 pieces of inflorescences of a cauliflower
  • – 4 eggs
  • – 0.5 Cup of milk
  • Sol
  • – Head of cauliflower

– Divide cauliflower into florets — these are small kochanchiki. I cut them in half or in four pieces, not finely.

– Spread them over to dry the bottom of the slow cooker. Of course on top of salt. Cauliflower is very similar to squash, without salt has no taste.

– Break 4 eggs, add salt and beat with a whisk or with a mixer.

– Add half a Cup of milk and mix well with eggs.

– Egg-milk mixture, pour the cauliflower in the slow cooker.

– I turned on his favorite program “Milk porridge”. The cabbage I boiled, it must prepare along with the eggs.

– When the omelet has risen and has become dense, the cabbage faster came to ready, I put on the surface of the omelet small square of foil for baking. About 10 minutes later, the omelette was ready.

Nutritionists recommend not to expose the cauliflower long heat treatment.

I usually get cakes from the slow cooker, turning right at hand. So it seems to me more reliable. But there is another way — I’ve recently read. If you have a steam basket to a slow cooker, you can insert it into the pan and flip the contents on it. But here it is necessary to adapt to your culinary product will not slide down!

Beau scrambled eggs with cauliflower in multivarka ready! It is good to eat with fresh herbs and greens can add to the mixture when cooking. This omelet will taste better with onions. I would not roasted, but just shredded. Under the foil he’d have reached readiness. I do not mind if the onions even a little crispy.

The exact cooking time I have not determined. Need to buy a kitchen timer! And I have good news: these timers are on sale. I have not yet found, but I heard that there are electrical timers that can turn off electric appliance at a specified time. It’s such a necessary thing in addition to a slow cooker! Then you don’t have to depend on cooking time, which is incorporated in programs.

What products combine the egg?

I was asked what products recommend eating eggs. Not so much the taste, but in terms of the most easy digestion.

Good compatibility — greens and non-starchy vegetables.

Normal work — starchy vegetables.

Our cauliflower belongs to the medium-starchy vegetables. It’s actually a good combination. And in terms of use, and taste.

What products eggs don’t mix, I do not want to write. If someone is worried, you will find information themselves.

Main use of cauliflower

  • – A lot of vitamin C
  • – Soft tissue — you can even feed children up to 2 years
  • – Good content of phosphorus and protein
  • – The caloric value of 100 g of product contains only 30 kcal

Good luck to all in the culinary achievements!

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