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January 27, 2017

The usual Breakfast – yogurt, sandwich. Convenient snack is drinkable yogurt. Tasty and healthy dairy products is where they all come from? Just 100 years ago Russian scientist Ilya Ilyich Metchnikoff drew attention to the useful properties of lactic acid bacteria in dairy products and began to scrutinize them very carefully. This occurred in the research the Louis Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Just… yogurt

Of course, history had a continuation. In 1919, the Spanish doctor Isaac Carasso, founder of Danone, became acquainted with the works of Ilya Mechnikov (by the time clear about the definition that most centenarians lived in Bulgaria), and asked the Pasteur Institute to buy culture for their first industrial production of yogurt. It all began in a small laboratory with simple Balkan recipe of yoghurt, and has become a world success story of a company Danonе.

Yoghurt, this truly magic product, for thousands of years. There is a legend: one day the farmer just left it on the table a bowl of milk and it turned into a completely different product, and very tasty! Of course, to thank for this transformation is not a miracle, but two fermenta – Bulgarian coli and thermophilic Streptococcus. Under the influence of oxygen milk starts the fermentation process: Lactobacillus multiply, reaching number in the hundreds of millions, and under the action of lactose is lactic acid. The reproduction of harmful bacteria, on the contrary, slows down, providing 100% natural preservation of useful elements in the product.

Since then, in 1919, Isaac Carasso received the first enzymes of the Pasteur Institute, the company Danone has grown into a true giant and was a unique expert in the field of selection of strains, combinations thereof, and fermentation. Today the company’s experience and research allow us to accurately understand the processes of interaction between specific strains of living with the microbiota and healthy digestion, as well as to examine the relationship between yogurt consumption and health — and to share with the world the results of these studies.

Microbiota – all the microbes of the intestine, the complex having a huge impact on the entire human body. The composition of the microbiota of each individual: this huge biomass consists of more than 400 different species, has approximately 100,000 billion bacteria and weighs 1.5 to 2.5 kg! Foods activate different types of intestinal bacteria, so that the composition of the microbiota and its protective functions are dependent on our diet. The most “useful” inhabitants of the microbiota – Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

But the bacteria of the intestines are busy not only protect our body, but directly act on the nervous system: they are able to change a person’s behavior, compelling it to act in a certain way, and are also responsible for his emotional intelligence — the ability to understand and appreciate their own and others emotions.

Research center of Danone to them. I. Carasso

Today the Danone Research Centre is engaged in development and research of new products, and, most importantly, has a huge Microbiology laboratory. Here is a unique collection of strains: 4,000 species, which were collected for 90 years. Of course, now in the production of fermented milk products are used not all strains, and only a small part, but this margin allows you to work for the future: conducted various studies to obtain a huge opportunity for innovation and development of next generations of yogurt and other fermented foods to change their taste, texture, and directional effects on the body. In short, to experiment for us consumers.

In the Center is the most modern laboratories where sophisticated research. Every new product is first made a small test batch on a special pilot plant: before the product will hit store shelves, it will be carefully studied and tested in 18 pilot sites. A special team of the research center responsible for the study of tastes and preferences of consumers – both adults and children, to make the product not only useful but also delicious — it has a special touch lab. In shops you will get only products “winners”!

International research center Daniel Carasso (PALAISEAU, France) opened in 2002. It is a powerful innovative center of the Danone Group, his goal is to continue to develop safe, delicious and balanced food that are most beneficial to health.

Eugene Golobokova

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