Save on kids! How to make kinetic sand alone

January 27, 2017

This extraordinary material was invented in Sweden and ever since universal toys became very popular around the world. It is used not only for fun but also for therapeutic purposes, as a method of relaxation and improvement of the emotional state of children, teenagers and even adults.

“Smart” sand combines two of the most beloved children material: sand and clay. To the touch it is similar to a real marine, but viscous, so it can take any form, and at small impact breaks up very nicely, gradually turning into normal ground. It can mold, build cities, make shapes with a cookie cutter, leave prints of palms and feet, cut to pieces, and most importantly, it is a very nice touch. The process of playing with kinetic sand is so mesmerizing, impossible to resist.

Useful than kinetic sand

  • Develops fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity;

  • Stimulates imagination and creativity;

  • Relieves fears and feelings;

  • Relieves aggression and irritation;

  • Stimulates spatial thinking;

  • Well influences an emotional condition, calms, and teaches you to focus;

  • Free from internal tension and stress;

  • And just helps to entertain the child and themselves, spending time together for an interesting game.

Kinetic sand with their hands

Composition of kinetic sand with your hands, or you will need:

Sand – 4 cups— very nice, clean sand you can find at the pet store the goods for rodents (chinchillas).

Starch — 2 cups (potato)

Water — 1 Cup

Convenient bowl or bowl for mixing

Mix in a bowl or basin with starch water. Then add sand and mix thoroughly. Or first mix the sand with the starch, then add water, the result will not change. Importantly, the water was not too much, otherwise the sand will be watery.

Colored kinetic sand

To make colored kinetic sand is very simple. When preparing a sand mixture add water, a little food coloring or gouache. Mix thoroughly and leave to dry, spread out on old papers or Newspapers. You can paint a ready-made sand, adding a small amount of colored water.

How else can you do kinetic sand with their hands? The second method of making colored kinetic sand is also very easy. Use crayons and semolina. Well crayons crumble and mix with semolina, adding dye to enhance the color. Kinetic sand is ready.

Anna Zalesskaya

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