Santa Claus does not exist. How to talk about this baby right?

January 2, 2017

It is a difficult task: to debunk the myth about the winter wizard so that the child is not disappointed and did not feel cheated. A mother of two children shared in a way that is practiced in their family for many years.

Children look on at invited Santa Claus condescending, refusing to write him letters and reluctantly teaches a poem for the snow Maiden? Well, with this sweet tale it is time to quit. In this family with two children figured out how to do it so as not to disappoint children and yet leave room for Christmas miracles.

The concept is simple: Yes, Santa Claus does not exist, but now his role should be play by the children.

“Thus, stories about Santa Claus and the snow maiden are not hype, which for many years was supported by the parents, and a large chain of good deeds, which is supported by people all over the world,” he wrote on his page in Facebook charity, Hutchinson.

As soon as you notice that the child no longer believes in Santa Claus, call him a Frank conversation. You need to tell literally the following:

“My dad and I see that this year you have really grown up. You just got left, you’ve become kinder, better, more (give two or three examples of empathetic behavior, good deeds that the child has committed in the past year). And we think that now you’re ready to become Santa Claus.

Surely you noticed that his role is always played by different people dressed in the red coat. Many of your friends say that Santa Claus does not exist. But they say that because I do not know and are not ready to know the truth.

What do you think Santa Claus gets all his good deeds? (explain that nothing material, but a good feeling after doing good things for other people). Now are you ready for your first job as a Santa Claus!”

The charity then offers to give the baby to choose any unfamiliar person (e.g., neighbor). His task is to try and figure out a person’s needs, and then give it, but so that people did not know from whom this gift. Because Santa Claus gives gifts freely, not expecting anything in return.

The eldest son of charity decided to give a gift to an elderly woman living near and among children who had the reputation of “the witch”.

“She really lived a recluse: if a ball or other toy fell on her territory, she was never allowed to pick them up, and often swore, demanding to be quieter. However, my son noticed that every morning she is out on your porch barefoot, and so I decided to give her the Slippers. He was hiding in the bushes to at least roughly figure out the size of her feet, and then together we went to the store and bought Slippers. He wrapped them in gift paper and signed: “merry Christmas from Santa Claus”. And one night they threw her under the fence.

The next morning we watched her out of the house, notices the package and brings it into the house. My son was so excited, I couldn’t sit still, he was eager to know what happens next. And we saw our neighbor out on the porch, with our Slippers. He was thrilled! I reminded him that nobody can know about this – otherwise he will not be Santa Claus”.

Since then, according to the charity, her son every New year doing good deeds for different people. He fixed my bike and gave it to the daughter of the family friend, who really wanted a Bicycle but his parents could not afford such a purchase. The expression of the girl when she saw a brilliant bike, tied with a huge bow, was as lovely as the face of an anonymous donor.

“My sons never felt cheated because we revealed to them the secret of the existence of Santa Claus,” says the woman.

Charity is convinced that it’s never too early to teach a child to do good deeds. A time for Christmas miracles for this could not be better.

Source: Anna Stachura

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