July 2, 2016

The relevance of a salad based on tuna is growing every day. Even in the form of canned food products like fish-tuna stores large amount of nutrients. Those who do not like to load your body with heavy foods, tuna is perfect not only for sandwiches or salads, but the salads so you get an easy dish that will bring enormous benefits to the body and saturate the taste buds. A great alternative to the usual fast food or heavy dishes, of which somnolence is a store of vitamins, suitable for daily use.

Not everyone knows, but under the hood the usual canned tuna is a pantry of proteins, vitamins and omega 3-6-9 fats (unsaturated fatty acids). To your diet was richer, try experimenting with multiple recipes based on tuna.

Salad recipes from tuna step by step

In this article we try to consider the most interesting ways to use tuna in salads and will be a combination of vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. In the process of cooking don’t be afraid to try something new, because, as you know, nothing ventured… well, you get the idea.

Mix tuna with previously unknown components, replace the specified precepto other. Best tuna fish combined with olives, tomatoes, fresh lettuce, citrus, cheese of different kinds, olive oil as a dressing. If the show needs imagination, you can always create your own recipe which you then will surprise the guests and family members. Prepare a festive salad “iceberg” with tuna or sandwiches to children in school, options choose – do not want!

Tuna salad, red beans and apples

Before any momentous occasion, every woman thinks about what and how best to impress the guests. Try to take a chance and to cook original salad with a high concentration of proteins that it is unlikely that your guests have tried previously. Tuna in cans is well suited for the taste of red beans (also canned) and Apple chunks helps to make a fresh shade of summer. It is difficult to describe the taste of this salad words, and its good for the body is not overrated. So, let’s start!

You will need:
• canned tuna in a preserved – 1 Bank;
• red beans (canned) – 1 Bank;
• Granny Smith Apple or Simirenko;
• crackers, rye bread ½ packs;
• celery stalks – 6 PCs;
• mayonnaise, prepared or homemade.

How to prepare:

1. Wash the celery under the tap in cold water. Cut into cubes small size.
2. Open the tuna. Pour contents of the jar into a large bowl, mix with celery. Don’t forget that the juice from canned food to drain!
3. Cut the core from the Apple, cut the flesh into cubes, remove the skin.
4. Open the can of beans, mix it with the remaining components.
5. Add the croutons, season with mayonnaise.
6. At the end garnish the dish with pomegranate seeds.

Summer salad with tuna and fresh vegetables

Crunchy vegetable mix in combination with protein food – canned
tuna will be particularly relevant in the warm season, especially in the heat
when you want luscious greens and vegetables from the garden! This dish is filled with
vitamins in large numbers, making it more useful. Looks
it is bright and colorful, creating an accent on the holiday table at any time
year. Components, combined, form excellent taste that charges
cheerfulness and arranges the present holiday taste buds! Great
the choice for those who are dieting.

You will need:

• canned tuna (canned) – 150 g;
• salad leaf – a couple of small beams;
• young cucumbers – 2 PCs. small;
• fresh tomatoes – 3 PCs;
• capers in a jar, 30 g;
• green onions – 100 g;
• 1 egg;
• vegetable or olive oil – 40 ml;
• fresh lemon juice – 20 ml;
• French mustard – a few grains;
• salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

How to prepare:

1. From the tuna to drain the water, dry the pieces and slightly crushed with a knife.
2. Boil an egg, remove the shell and chop into small cubes. Rinse green onion, grind it.
3. Remove the peel from the cucumbers. Slice them thin semicircular slices. Tomatoes divided into 8 sections, all should be the same.
4. Lettuce leaves, chop with a knife or break with your hands.
5. Further spread layers of lettuce in a bowl or on a flat large plate: first, vegetable mix, followed by the tuna, the top of the egg.
6. To make the sauce to the salad, mix vegetable oil and lemon juice, stir in sauce, mustard seeds and spices, mix until smooth.

Spring salad with tuna and eggs for those who are on a diet

Fish recipes of salads without including in the meal mayonnaise especially pleasing to those who are constantly dieting with a goal to lose a couple extra pounds. In that case, if you want to make yourself fasting days or just want to eat something diet, but love seafood and don’t like mayonnaise, then this recipe is for you! This salad will bring the body to maximum benefit in the season when most people are prone to stress and vitamin deficiency – that is, in the spring.

You will need:

• canned tuna – 1 Bank;
• salad blue onion – 1 piece;
• 1 cucumber;
• Bulgarian pepper – 2 PCs;
• Basil, dill, lettuce leaves – 3 large beam;
• 2 eggs;
• vegetable oil – 40 ml;
• lemon juice – 20 ml;
• salt and pepper to taste.

How to prepare:

1. To begin, open a can of tuna, mash the contents with a fork.
2. Remove the onion peel, cut into thin rings or diced, as you like.
3. Rinse under running water peppers, clean out the seeds and the stalk, cut it into cubes or slices.
4. Dill chop. Eggs boil hard boiled, remove the shell, film, chop into cubes.
5. Cucumber free from rind, cut into thin rings allpolitical.

6. Mix chopped ingredients in a large bowl, add salt and pepper, stir again.
7. Bottom flat large plate, put the salad leaves, top, put the mixture that is prepared previously. Season the salad with lemon oil and vegetable oil. Garnish food with cucumber slices and Basil leaves.

Some versions of this recipe include quail egg instead of the usual chicken.

The Chinese cabbage salad with tuna and apples

A great choice for lovers of light meals with spicy taste. Dish with good taste and low calories. The recipe combines well-chosen components that skillfully complement each other, which gives the salad a juicy summer sound. This dish is suitable for daily dinner or lunch with family and for the holiday table as snacks.

The mayonnaise in this salad is the main gas station, but it can be deleted if necessary, and then get a good dish for dieters, and make it often losing weight girls.

You will need:

• Chinese cabbage – ½ of head;
• tuna – 2 cans;
• 6 stalks of celery;
• 1 Granny Smith Apple or Simirenko, great;
• 1 pineapple;
• salt and pepper to taste;
• vegetable oil or mayonnaise;
• lemon juice as desired.

How to prepare:

1. To start, drain the water from cans of tuna, and the pulp mash with a fork – if it’s large pieces, chop them with a knife.
2. Rinse the celery. Cut the long stems into small slices or into cubes.
3. Cabbage to RUB on a grater or using the shredding.
4. Remove the Apple peel, cut it into strips.
5. The fruit of the pineapple peel, cut into thin rings, which are crushed to form cubes.
6. To fill spices.

Original salad with pasta and peppers

A memorable idea for a delicious tuna salad can be quite nutritious with low calorie content, which is composed of fresh greens and vegetables. A large concentration of useful ingredients in the salad improves mental processes, normalizes metabolism and restores the health of the heart and blood vessels. There is no need to add to a dish of porridge or pasta, potatoes, you can eat it separately.

You will need:

• tuna in a tin of 500 g;
• favorite pasta – 3 cups with a slide;
• canned green peas – 1.5 cups;
• sweet pepper – 120 g;
• Korean carrot – 200 g;
• regular onion – 150 g;
• celery stalks – 200 g;
• thyme – 1 packet;
• mayonnaise;
• salt and pepper to taste;
• lemon juice.

How to prepare:

1. The pasta boil in the required amount of water, rinse with cold water.
2. Place them in a large bowl. Then open tuna, drain water, powdered mixture, add other ingredients in a bowl. There stir in the peas.
3. Bell pepper, onion and celery cut into cubes. Stir the salad again. Dish, season with mayonnaise, add the lemon juice, spices, dry thyme. Mix thoroughly.
4. Sprinkle with Korean carrot. Refrigerate the dish for about an hour on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Tuna salad with avocado and pesto sauce

The original taste this dish, as well as his colorful appearance will please
real gourmets. This salad needs to be spread out right into the peel
avocado and serve the guests with pre-cooled. Despite
the original file, the recipe will not take you much time and suitable for
preparation of a newbie. Low calories make salad your
for losing weight.

You will need:

• 2 medium avocados;
• tuna in a canned – 300 g;
• cucumbers – 2 PCs;
• homemade mayonnaise – 50 g;
• 1 clove of garlic;
• dry arugula – 1 bag;
• a handful of pine nuts;
• Basil – 60 g;
• garlic – 2 tooth;
• any hard cheese – 150 g;
• vegetable or olive oil – 80 ml.

The procedure for preparation of salad:

1. Canned tuna mashed with a fork. Avocado cut into 2 parts, pull out the bone. Cut the pulp into cubes and mix with ground tuna.
2. Slice the cucumbers into strips and add to salad weight.
3. To spice up the dish with mayonnaise and chopped garlic (grated or using chesnokodavilke). Add the arugula, dry or fresh – couple beams.
4. To prepare the filling in a sauce of pesto, to push the garlic and nuts in a mortar, add salt. Sprinkle with cheese and RUB on until you get a homogeneous mass. To the sauce add the olive oil.
5. Season with Pesto sauce.

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