July 1, 2016

A simple recipe of salad of young cabbage will become an indispensable find for those who are watching their figure and overall health of the body. In addition, do not forget that vitamin food good all year round – this is necessary to maintain vigor and tone in the conditions of modern life.
Cabbage can be found in any local store, and to cook from her salad, you will need quite a bit of time. The taste of this dish will please even the most fastidious gourmet.

Ingredients for salad of fresh cabbage

• Cabbage – ½ small penis;
• 1 carrot;
• Onion – half head;
• ½ Apple;
• A quarter of 1 lemon;
• Pinch of sugar;
• Salt;
• Sunflower oil – 60 ml.

The procedure for preparation of salad from fresh cabbage

1. Fine chop the cabbage. Move it to a bowl for the convenience of the future mix salad.
2. Cut the onion into thin rings, add it to the bowl.
3. Grate the carrots using a coarse grater.
4. With your hands mix all the ingredients that we are crushed to let the vegetables own juice.
5. Chop the Apple into small cubes.
6. Add apples to salad mix, salt them, add sugar, mix. In a bowl squeeze lemon juice and mix thoroughly again.
7. Pour in the salad oil and herbs if desired, mix well.
8. Now you can serve the salad on the table! We recommend you to submit it to the dishes of meat and fish, potatoes, it is also useful as a main dish and as a snack.
Bon appetit!

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