November 14, 2016

Rye bread mode dairy porridge can be baked only in a slow cooker!

Rye sourdough bread

Today I will talk about baking rye bread in a slow cooker. For me it was a real experiment. It began with the purchase of crock pots and went on with varying success for quite a long time. I wanted to achieve really good results: to make you a real edible tasty rye bread!

The case was complicated by the fact that the bread I baked on sourdough, not yeast. I read that the yeast is not good for the body. And it was very interesting to get the bread that is leavened.
The leaven had done this she went well, and I update it to this day. The basis of it — water and rye flour.

Tried various recipes of dough for bread in terms of flour, yeast and water. Many times the bread is normally cooked, but the acid of the leaven spoils the whole taste. Boast was nothing.
And now, when I did everything by the rules, he did it! Soft, delicious black rye bread!

I baked rye bread in a slow cooker

1. A jar of sourdough in the morning, got out of the fridge, stir with a spoon. The smell is pleasant — means, all is normal. Added some fresh water and a spoonful of rye flour. Made a sauce, cover and set aside until the evening (the place must be warm). I don’t know if to leaven the access of air, but I have it perfectly Vyazovaya with the lid closed.
2.In the evening make the dough. Quite a bit — another trial version! Record in your culinary Notepad:

  • 1 tbsp. rye flour
  • 4 tbsp sourdough
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons! water
  • 1H.l fennel seeds, salt, sugar to taste soda on the tip tsp

Soda I decided to add to extinguish the sour taste of sourdough. How will this affect the action of the ferment, I didn’t know. Never seen that someone used baking soda along with yeast when baking bread.

Sourdough can be of different density, so the liquid you need to add enough to moisten all of the components of the test.

3.Knead the dough with a spoon or wooden spatula. Pretty short ball. On a small tortilla. Multimarochnaya placed in the bowl, which is greased with vegetable oil. With wet hand to even out the dough on the bottom. Close the lid. In such circumstances, the dough is well-suited.

4. Generally, the dough of rye flour greatly in volume is not increased. Well, if you’re up 1.5 times. 3.5 hours specific changes in the test I saw and included the program “Milk porridge”, to whet the dough to raise before baking. After 20 minutes I looked in the pot and saw the dough rise and the bread is almost ready! Then I left it in this mode for another 10 minutes and turned off the slow cooker. (Mode “Milk porridge” automatically lasts 1 hour)

5. Before you get the bowl from the slow cooker, I made an exposure for 15 minutes to cool. The bowl bread cake also did not immediately got out until she’s a little cold.
Cools bread on the grill to outputval bottom. Now you can cut!

Very nice in the hands of still warm rye bread! It is soft, it is springy in his hand. And the smell of it special — the delicious smell of bread. It is so vivid, so memorable, that whets the appetite at any time of the day! It can be argued that it is the favorite smell of all the food smells.

Now I can say that the rye bread with success can bake in the slow cooker! Besides, the mode “Milk porridge”! Here I never would have thought! So, the owners of multivarok Moulinex is also possible to bake rye bread for this recipe, when baking mode. If you try, share your experiences in the comments!

Interesting on rye bread

  • Proteins of rye bread is richer in essential amino acid — lysine than wheat bread
  • -Rye bread with milk on the amino acid similar with buckwheat porridge with milk
  • -Bread from the rye flour used in diets for weight loss
  • More than diet is yesterday or dried bread. In this bread lost most of the volatile organic acids.

Bon appétit and culinary success!

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