Ruthless medicine of our childhood

August 15, 2016

Looking for the pharmacy shelves lined with 10 kinds of sweet medicines for cough, packages of candy from a sore throat with the taste of just-what-I-can, squint. Because remember – what we treated parents…

Still from the film “Welcome, or no trespassing”

Of course, in childhood there’s nothing better than quietly in the morning put the thermometer on the battery (the main thing not to overdo!) show your parents your lawful 37.5 and lie all day in bed with a book. Much worse if you were sick for real. Soviet medicine was free, but the harsh, delicious was a askorbinka, Hematogen and pertussin. What was invented by our parents to support physicians still recall with a slight shudder.


Worth a try the depth of a puddle, paraquats in the river, just to sit in a draft and it’s cold. You have a fever, shivering, and mom rolls up his sleeves and proceeds to salvation.

She is reviewing the medicine Cabinet and refrigerator and remove rubbing and eucalyptus. The easiest way was when the parents found the iodine or vodka, then you just have wire mesh on the back and chest or a terrible five minutes of rubbing alcohol. Then you were drunk and sleepy, and my mother read the story.

Worse, if was the mustard or banks. Our parents did not know that mustard can stick through the cloth, then sculpted them directly on the frail calf, wrapped the children in spiky sweaters and tucked under the blankets, and our job was to heroically endure. “Imagine you Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and you tortured by Nazis” – sentenced the mother and torn with shot a little bit of the burned skin from the back. We cried and sincerely sympathize heroic Komsomol. Many banks also liked, they stayed pretty round bruises.

Capsicum plaster production in the USSR –

The offspring of the most Thrifty mom got the pepper patch. It wasn’t as hot as mustard, but to tear off from the skin did not want absolutely, stuck tightly. Tore it from the child, usually the whole family, millimeter by millimeter.

RUNNY nose

Kalanchoe finely crumbled and stuffed into the nose to Prachatice – Fotodom

Rhinitis treated for 14 days and if not treated – it goes in two weeks. This rules our parents probably didn’t know, so desperately tried to stem the flow of children’s noses. Almost tried everything to cure common cold onion or fresh garlic juice. The trouble is that most of our mothers had forgotten that the juice had to be diluted. Puzzled looking at running all over the apartment of the child, the mother said: “do Not invent, it can’t burn!”. Some, however, then tried it on himself and awkwardly silent. Similarly, the act and the aloe juice of Kalanchoe, after them and even cialis a hundred and fifty times, so much so that it seemed that together with snot from the head leaves the brain.

Balm “gold star” 1982 issue – Wikipedia

But the clear winner in this category is Chinese balm “Golden star”, who generously anointed his nostrils outside, and sometimes inside. How many children went after him with red, peeling noses like reindeer Rudolph – do not count!


Best remedy for cough is hot milk (preferably goat), with soda or Borjomi, goose fat and honey. You are about it, of course, remember, because they can’t afford to forget. “Lucky” got baked grated onion with butter, hammered into the milk. Of the more or less delicious were offered juice black radish with honey.

The cough treatment of folk remedies –

If the parents had connections in the market, they are in the fridge kept lamb omentum-mesh. They were supposed to wrap coughing child, then it is wrapped in Kraft paper, tied with string, wrap a woolen blanket, and on top of flatten and even cotton. The fat started to melt and desperately to smell, and mom and grandma saying that, what is a good cure, the smell – it means treats. Even steeper groin badger or bear fat, which, judging by the aroma, was heated with an already long-dead beast.

Breathe over the potatoes

The procedure that had a chance to try nearly everything, called “some potatoes.” The child stuffed the blanket in front of him put a saucepan with boiled potatoes and the steam from which it was necessary to breathe. Option to “hard” – in tub was placed a stool, she planted a child, his feet immersed in a basin of hot water, in which dissolve the mustard, the knee – pan with potatoes or with boiled eucalyptus leaves, and on top of all of this was covered with a blanket. We sweated, cried, but the bathroom was not to escape. Then the baby was wiped down, dressed in a sweater, shoved the blanket and vzapravdu mind necessarily wound a scarf or hat. No wonder that now many of us in the bath did not sweat, tenacity.


Diagram of a hot compress.

Tea with raspberries and lemon brightened somewhat inevitable when sore throat gargle water with baking soda, salt and iodine. Exotic – herring compress on the throat. Yes, that’s right mashed herring with iodine gauze, top paper, then a layer of cotton and scratchy wool scarf. Don’t want to try to do that to their child?

The night was supposed tablet streptotsida, which is necessary not to swallow and dissolve. If you managed to outwit the mother to put the pill on the tongue, wait until melted and swallowed in one gulp, it was not so disgusting.

And finally, some kids got it the worst – kerosene, which is smeared glands (the best was considered for aviation). In the process, as a rule, the child was sick several times and the procedure was repeated. Germs glad rubbed the handle, because to multiply on the burnt glands they liked as much more. Surprisingly, we all survived and even recovered.


Kerosene to treat head lice, a sore throat and all that arm will fall, wikimedia.commons

These insects do not need to be treated, they came suddenly, completely healthy baby in the head and carefully fruitful and multiply. The official means for their elimination, do not seem to exist, unless that were sold in stores often combs for head lice. Parents struggled with the movement in the hair of everyone in his own way. Usually got to light a jar of kerosene (those that remained from the treatment of angina). Hair smeared, wrapped in a bag and hid the handkerchief. To sit so relied from 15 minutes to an hour. Few of us managed to do without the hard burn of the scalp, she peeled all layers. Lice cried with us, partly dead, but was revived. The procedure was repeated. The strange thing is that in the USSR there were still so few bald child victims of kerosene.

Dichlorvos could deal with lice on the head, but it does not always work.

Many mothers, believing that if the poison kills the cockroaches, and lice can manage, satisfied with offspring gas torture. On the head was worn a package in it I sprayed dichlorvos, and the child sat there, not breathing, feeling in a desperate attempt to escape the lice jumped and thrashed in agony on the package.

The surest way upon detection of lice is to shave your head.

The boys were easier – they just sheared off. Some girls, however, too.


Blue ultramarine of the USSR.

That they were all afraid, because it was not clear – how to get rid of it. Concentrated iodine, methylene blue, folk remedies did not help much. The most extreme method is to spread ringworm, sorry, own shit, roll up in plastic and keep for half an hour. The strangest thing took place in less than a week. And again we lacked at the hands of a stray cat, and my mother screamed and fought hysterically.


Ingestion of fish oil in medical institutions of the USSR.

Parents all the fuss is about with our treatment, apparently, too tired. So they spent preventive actions. The best means were considered pollen, which is fed to all free was only the lucky who are allergic to honey. From possible eye problems children drink aloe juice, undiluted, at a liquor drink in the morning, brrrrr…

But, of course, the most important nightmare of our childhood – fish oil! We could cry, vomiting, and even fainting, but as soon as you opened the eyes – nose loomed spoon fish oil, inevitable as death. Parents, why are you so?

Funny, but all of us, in spite of everything, still survived. That’s just the smell of kerosene still causes an irresistible urge to scratch your head…

Maria Vasilyeva

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