Rumors about the illness of Leonid Yakubovich proved to be false

August 18, 2016

71-year-old presenter was the victim of the tabloids who spread false news about his illness.

Recently appeared in the media information of the serious illness of the permanent presenter of the program “Field of Miracles” on the First channel of Leonid Yakubovich. The press reported that due to deteriorating health, 71-year-old actor was stopped at the light and left the work on all the projects that were involved.

Fans of the star was seriously worried for his beloved master. However, information about the disease, Leonid Abramovich was false. According to concert Director, artist, Yakubovich is in great shape, plays sports, plays tennis and continues to work in theater and on television.

As it turned out, anchorman was the victim of rumors spread by the yellow press. It is worth noting that recently Leonid Abramovich lost a lot of weight. He got rid of 32 pounds of excess weight through sport, daily tennis and healthy lifestyle.

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