October 31, 2016

Bulgarian cuisine is tasty and diverse, a dish such as gyuvech is a bright representative of this. By the way, it really is often called as “fried soup.” Offer to educate and prepare recipe designed for a slow cooker, but to cook a dish and using the stove.

It is necessary to prepare two cups of vegetable broth. 500грамм finely chopped lamb in a Duo with two onions finely chopped onions fry in vegetable oil in the mode “Roasting”. Better to give preference to oil from the olives. Salt, sprinkle the ground with a mixture of peppers, cumin and spicy paprika. You should then pour a little broth of vegetables and to switch to “Fire”, bring to full readiness. Rinse 40 grams of rice under cool running water, remove the two peppers and slice, repeat with a small amount of mint. The above ingredients, add to meat, pour the remaining broth and cook for about fifteen minutes. Potatoes wash, peel and cut into small pieces, spread on top, sprinkle chopped green onion (you will need one medium bunch). Pour in about one hundred milliliters of wine, put the pod bitter pepper. In traditional cooking use a dry white. Next, the dish should be prepared to complete evaporation of liquid in the “Baking”, but don’t worry, it’s not that long. Four beat eggs, sprinkle a little salt, add finely chopped parsley and pour hotchpotch. The dish is considered ready once poured the egg mixture will curdle. Decorate it with cherry tomatoes, pre-cut therein. Bon appetit!

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