November 14, 2016

Hello, dear readers!

Risotto for the holiday is becoming more popular. What it is – a fad or a really tasty dish – risotto for the holiday.

Opinions can be many. For someone of Italian cuisine is preferable to the others and your table, the more festive, simply unthinkable without Italian dishes.

Today we will talk about risotto. We’ll find out what that dish is risotto, how it is prepared, how served, and also talk about taste and fashion to risotto.

Risotto for the holiday, in my opinion, is definitely a part of every home. After all, every housewife, making festive menu, no, Yes, and inserting a new dish to surprise and please your guests.

But on hearing from us often appears “risotto”. Such a buzzword that I want to know more about it and more likely to prepare.

Risotto is a rice dish which is mostly prepared in Northern Italy. The main thing – to choose the right rice. It needs to be rich in starch. Definitely need broth, olive oil, and butter, and products for filling. About them later.

Frankly, I am a horrible experimenter, and love the different novelties. 7 years ago I cooked my first risotto with mushrooms than very pleased with their home.
Since then, time passed, and already accumulated experience in the preparation of this dish of Italian cuisine. I’m happy to share with You the recipes.

Risotto for the holiday – quick, easy, tasty and fashionable.

Risotto can be cooked in different ways and with different products: with mushrooms, artichokes, ham, seafood, vegetables, fruits, cheese, chestnuts, and other products.
Is the most simple recipe for cooking risotto. We need:

  • – half a Cup of rice
  • – a half Cup of broth
  • – tablespoon of butter
  • – 1 tbsp pre-grated cheese
  • – 1 onion (onion)
  • – salt, pepper, herbs to taste.

Chopped onion fry in butter or olive oil.

Then pour in the rice, stir. The rice should soak up the oil and become transparent.
The next step is to add the broth. It will add twice that of rice.

Now let’s add salt, pepper, aromatic herbs. About spices too controversial. I love white pepper. He’s kind of edgy at first, but what flavor in the finished dish! And I love herbes de Provence. Of course, everyone has their traditional, proven set of spices.

So, our cover risotto with a lid and stew until ready to make the rice seethe.
Risotto is served hot. And before serving you could add grated cheese, butter, ham or sausage. And if You have white truffles, and they taste will not spoil. So you can sprinkle them ready risotto.

Another piece of advice. The rice was a beautiful yellow color, it is necessary in almost finished dish to add whipped butter Parmesan cheese, grated on a fine grater.

What? Easy, right? And time it is necessary very little, and skills too much. A dish like and familiar, and like something new in it.

A new time means fashionable. In addition, very tasty! And the fragrance of a mysterious, spicy, romantic, just fills the kitchen!

Already seen far Italy and it’s time to cry – Belissimo!

Like it? Then quickly call the guests and entertain them with your creation.

Risotto for the holiday, as You can see, it’s quick, simple and does not require any special culinary knowledge and skill. But it is also fashionable to cook risotto for the holiday!

Bon appétit!

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