Reserved and stylish: 30 ideas for office manicure

January 7, 2017

If office dress code does not allow you to wear bright nails, you will have to show a little more imagination to create a restrained, understated, but at the same time very stylish manicure. We have collected the 30 most spectacular ideas!

Dress code does not mean you have to give up a beautiful manicure! Nails can look very attractive, even if not to use bright colors. Bet on beige and pastel shades, intricate design replace concise (that’s, by the way, just fashionable), and at the same time bet on short length.

Sudovye nails

Perhaps no single version of the manicure looks so soft and feminine, like Nude. And it doesn’t have to be plain: add some Golden details, or a gradient. This design will be combined even with a simple classic suit, but at the same time will give to your image playfulness and a certain slackness.

Boring French

The classic French manicure has long been all tired, so let’s come up with something more interesting! White with gold tips or Nude with bronze is both beautiful and pass the office dress code. However, if you love dark shades, the French manicure using black nail Polish, too, has not been canceled.

“The marble” manicure

Another incredible trend that will look great in the office and combined with a strict clothes — marble manicure. Colleagues will surely be delighted!

Thin strips

Trend straight from the catwalk — sudovye nails and thin metal or black stripes. Looks very stylish, especially if you wear a business suit. However, in the evening with jeans, a manicure, too, will be a success.


Delicate flowers drawn with watercolor-nail-art will not be evident, but at the same time, will give your image of femininity. Irises, lavender, poppies and roses are your favorite flowers can bloom and Polish.

Shiny nail

Pastel manicure can be quite boring, if you add one detail — the nail of the ring finger to cover the glitter. Beautiful! Materials


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