October 24, 2016

It is not far off winter. Every day come cold days. At this time, for the body is very important vitamins. With a lack of vitamins people are harder to deal with exacerbations of the disease. To improve the situation and to add food vitamins is not difficult at all and is quite accessible at home, even in winter. First of all, it’s sauerkraut that contains the same lactic acid that will save people from many diseases, including cancer, to help cope with gastro-intestinal problems, eczema, inflammation of the veins, soothe bronchitis. Moreover, lactic acid is found in cabbage, in very good for the body concentration. Early in the winter, people staged the famous cabbage of the “evening Moscow”, when in one house the whole village gathered and fun, with jokes, Yes jokes, in high spirits cut the cabbage. It is a pity that this good custom is forgotten…

Today, doctors in many countries have successfully used the healing properties of cabbage. For example, scientists in Finland conducted an interesting experiment on Guinea pigs. Having infected a large group of animals of different severe illnesses, up to anthrax, some of them were put on a diet of sauerkraut, and the rest were fed their usual food. And what? Those individuals who ate cabbage, survived and recovered.
Sauerkraut is a powerful natural remedy for severe diseases. Encourage people of all ages not to neglect this valuable product. For example, my family already ate three three-liter jars. And again I fermented 3 jars for fermentation. Sauerkraut is our daily additive to the second dish. Yes, of course, it is very useful and tasty. But there is one “but”. How exactly to cook it?
I remember from my childhood how my mother harvested for the winter, very tasty sauerkraut. Set in the cellar a huge barrel and buckets were worn and shifted in her cabbage. At the present time there are many ways of making sauerkraut. I tried them all, they are all good, and ready cabbage quickly and happily eaten. In the winter it is simply necessary. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it facilitates and normalizes digestion, removes constipation, reduces pain in the heart. With daily use of salads, pickled stop hurting legs, knees, headaches. It’s no wonder they say that all diseases from malnutrition.
How to sour cabbage know everything. But I think many people will be interested to learn new ways of cooking. Cabbage should be quasits in a natural way, without adding vinegar. Vinegar, which is usually added and sugar, facilitates the process, diversify the taste of cabbage, but the benefits of such a product, unfortunately, is not the same.
I would like to share with you the recipe of delicious sauerkraut, which preserves its useful properties. So Kale brew my mom and so do I. Eye on a large table of finely chopped cabbage on a coarse grater RUB the carrots – also in the eyes. Stirring well so that the carrots are evenly distributed in the mass of the cabbage, put in a clean 3-liter jar and a little stamp. And so three three-liter jars ready. Beforehand prepare 3-liter cans with purified water in each put 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar, once dissolved pour into the cabbage in each 3-liter jar of 1 l, pierce to the mix is well soaked the whole cabbage, and on top I put a clean nylon cover (not closed). Banks are on the kitchen table, on my plate. During fermentation the juice from the jar flows into the bowl. Daily puncture and poured in a jar of juice from the plates. Cabbage is delicious already on the 3rd day. White, juicy, mixed with carrot. After 5 days, when fermentation will cease, close lid, which was lying on the Bank, and put on the balcony. And so again, and again harvested all winter. Use this recipe and you will always have delicious sauerkraut.
There is a proverb: “cabbage and in the stomach empty”. Kvaste, you will not regret! It is good and in treatment, and in food – cheap and tasty. If you have face spots, acne, blotchy redness, rashes, and other notable spots, in the evening pour into the palm 1 tbsp of cabbage brine, rinse face and gently promassazhirovat. After 15 minutes, rinse with cold water without soap. Then lubricate the face nourishing cream or drip on the palm with 1-2 drops of olive oil and wipe the face.
I wish you health!

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