Put 6-foot Christmas tree in the house? There is a way!

December 27, 2016

Artificial Christmas tree height in human growth is for the weak, he thought, and found the tree of your dreams: this 6-foot beauty. There was only one problem – how to make it in the house?

This photo on the social network Twitter has shared more than forty thousand people. User @aidanswalt posted a picture of his Christmas tree. Its height is 6 meters and the ceiling in the living room about two times less. But the guy found a way to install the tree of your dreams.

His idea was simple and brilliant: to saw the wood in half, to tie the upper part to the top and the bottom to put in the house. Ready!

I wonder under what tier the Christmas tree Santa Claus leave the presents?

Source: boredpanda.com Anna Stachura

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