Preparing children for school: program and assignments

July 2, 2016

In 5-6 years it’s time to start getting ready for school. Recommend a program to prepare children for school, which will not only help to successfully get all the necessary knowledge, but also to focus on the studies.

Of course, the easiest way pre-school children to school to send a child to kindergarten, and preparatory courses. But all Tutors and teachers are advised to Supplement the pre-school for children 6 years of additional study at home. It is important to consolidate the material, and also formation of skills of independent work.


This program of training children for school will help you to check your baby and fill the knowledge gaps, if any. So, when applying for study, it is important to be able to:

  1. To give his name and the names of immediate family members.
  2. To read a few sentences in syllables.
  3. To name the seasons and months.
  4. Write a couple of sentences, for example, “Mom soap frame”.
  5. Count to 20 and put a simple number (for advanced kids).
  6. Delete unnecessary items or find similar from a set of proposed images.
  7. To pass the tests on the note.
  8. To make a short story on the picture.
  9. Know simple geometric shapes and be able to draw them.
  10. Remember the numbers and pictures.
  11. To tell a short poem, if you ask.
  12. Know the basic colors.
  13. To draw figures of animals or humans.
  14. To tie his shoes and dress (that no one will check, but it’s important to prepare for the school child of 5 years and older).

Preparing for school: classes

If your child can’t do all of the above proposed list, do not despair. Start to engage with him, training in the implementation that fails. Remember that training the parents of the child to the school should be calm and regular. If you scream, it will have an aversion to any practice and successful study in the future will have to forget.


Invite the children to find 10 differences between the pictures – this can be done on the tablet. Favorite gadget will be an additional motivation for the job.

In addition to images, use also text. For example, write “the CAT – KIT and ask the kid to tell the differences between these words.


Play Board games that train the memory. First, the “Memory” with cards will help you learn to quickly memorize the symbols. Secondly, these games will be a good experience for the whole family. Third, your child will learn to win and to lose with dignity, which is also very important for preschool children to school, because in the future he will have a lot of competition with classmates.


Offer your baby a series of images and ask them to make a story. Help direct thoughts in the right direction. If you do not get, make a story yourself and engage your child in dialogue by asking questions such as “where do you think they went?”, “What the girl says to dad?” etc.

Another good exercise for pre-school for children 6 years – explaining the meaning of words. In the course of game ask the kid to explain what the fridge, friendship, giving, kindergarten, etc.

And how are you getting on preparing children for school? If everything turns out the way I would like?

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