Perfect body in 6 weeks after giving birth? Personal experience of a young mother

December 7, 2016

No stretch marks, so it was possible?

Fitness mom Tammy Hembrow destroyed by his example, several myths about pregnancy and childbirth.

The first myth: if you have a strong press, you will be hard to bear a child. She’s spent her life involved in fitness and has endured two. The size of the stomach in the last stages you can see for yourself.

The second myth: it is impossible not to gain weight, and “you should eat for two.” Not true.

The third myth: it is impossible to give birth and get stretch marks on the belly. .

How is it all managed?

The first secret — the power. Both pregnancies Tammy ate a balanced diet of vegetables and proteins. But on the weekends allowed himself to relax a little once a week a cake is not a crime.

The secret of the second drink. She drank the whole pregnancy a lot of water to the skin and muscles were elastic. This allows you to quickly get back in shape after childbirth.

The secret of the third workout. 4 classes per week throughout the pregnancy. The body should not break the habit of stress.

The fourth secret is rosehip oil. Twice a day RUB the oil into the abdomen, morning and evening. No stretch marks, the skin returned to its previous perfect form.

The secret of the fifth — slimming abdominal binder after childbirth. Yes, even athletes use this reliable remedy.

And last: as soon as possible to start training after giving birth. Even Tammy missed a few weeks, but the whole complex of measures which it is used both pregnancy — works on the return form the waist.

Here and so.

According to the materials of dailymail.

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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