Outdoor games of our childhood. Now teach your children

August 12, 2016

Children are now deftly chopped into computer games and often understand in our phones better than we do. But isn’t it time to tell them that their parents played?

Outdoor games for kids

“Yeah, so that is how it is,” thought I, looking at the flock of girls, frozen in disbelief before rasterecena on the pavement grid for hopscotch. Then it turned out that they don’t know how to play the clip, above the ground and kick. I had to teach. Parents, let’s go outside, summer ends, and kids know nothing!


In fact, in the game, like the classics played in the Middle ages, and in Russia it is known since the NINETEENTH century. The rules of the street game for girls is simple, you only need asphalt, chalk, and stone.

Draw a box with ten squares and a semicircle, cast the first stone and jump though alone, moving a foot stone from cell to cell. 1-2 cage – jump with one foot, 3 and 4 on each leg, 5 – two legs in one. Continue to repeat, turn and go again. The game develops agility, accuracy and jumping ability.


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They played all the 80-ies and even the boys did not consider it shameful to jump with the girls. Particularly chic was considered a “obbligati” new, not a clothes line stretched rubber band, the former in short supply. The rules for this outdoor games needed at least three people (two men stand, one jumping) and indeed the rubber band. There were a few levels: 1) at the ankle (nothing complicated, so warm up), 2) knee (already more complicated, but still easy), 3)at the level of the hips (for “jpccu” – well, this is thought-provoking), 4) elastic waist (many refused) and finally, the last level for high jumpers, when the elastic stretched at the neck!

Jump combinations were diverse and differed from each other in different fields: “step”, “ship”, “bows”, “salt”. The one who stepped, stopped, changed places with the “pillar” that held the gum.

The Bouncer-Kick

This is a game for the strong spirit, not a crybaby. Two players become the edges of the field, and the rest by the middle. Their two leading and it is necessary to clear the ball. Where exactly will hit the ball – hard to imagine, but the bruises provided because no one here ever will not be sorry! Someone hit the ball out of bounds. The retired can save other players, catching the ball on the fly. If it fails, it remains one of the most agile player, who should hold and Dodge the ball as many times as he full years.


Another ball game. Players quickly throw each other the ball like a hot potato. Who hasn’t caught – sits in the center of the circle and tries to jump to catch the flying head over the ball. Caught? Change places with that. who awkwardly threw!

Your teammates can tell you, by the way, to help if I get you a foul ball. But in what place they’ll go, nobody knows. I once, for example, caught the ball with his nose, and for two weeks I went with the wonderful black eyes.

cops and robbers

Command live game for boys and girls that today’s children really can not hurt. The group is divided into two teams, one will be looking for other, combining in one game and hide and seek, and tag. “Robbers” guess the secret word and run away, hiding from the Cossacks, marking your path with arrows on the pavement and in every way trying to confuse their pursuers. Those, in turn, caught the enemy one by one, leading to his “headquarters” and elicit have caught the word secret. Used nettle, frightening insects and other horrible kinds of torture.

The game is over if the word is recognized, the “robber” caught. As a variant – do “robbers” can cooperate and capture the “headquarters” of the Cossacks.


Quiet joy for the neighbors – no one worn. Players sit on the bench, holding my hands cupped in front of him. And the one who leads, shrink the palms a ring and a coin and getting players invested in a folded “boat” his palms. It is necessary to say: I wear-I wear a ring, and someone will give. Who is he that gave, it becomes known after the words “ring-a Ring, get on the porch!”.

At this point, “gifted” player has to jump and run away from the bench. The other task is to prevent this. Children’s street game was developed the ability of this scout, it is very difficult not to betray his emotions from getting the coveted ring, to no one guessed was not able to catch you!

above ground

A great variety of catch-up, which is best to play on the Playground. The presenter tries to catch players, and those, escaping, can “escape” with your legs above the ground. At the very worst you could fall back and raise the legs up, but this behavior was unsportsmanlike. It is best to drop on the stump, curb, hanging on the branch. the host can stop and wait – do not drop you, but you long to stand in front of one player also was ugly – and-run, get the others!

Yes. of course, our childhood games were not too demanding, but we were outdoors almost all my free time. The greatest misfortune was to go home to drink water and be caught by parents and seated for dinner. After all this time languishing friends, crying under the Windows: Vyhovuje! We are in cops and robbers play!

And now we are already moms and I want to get the kid out for lunch, not for a computer Desk, and from the street. Moreover, ahead of the holidays!

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