Our 10 familiar phrases, which are harmful to the child

July 1, 2016

Often we, especially without thinking, say something to the children. But these familiar phrases can harm them. Tips from the channel Fox Life will help you to fix it.

It’s not scary (not hurt).

You think that you are now trying to keep a frightened or hit the baby, but actually you tell him that you know better – it is terrible or not and what forces turned out to be a pain. Much better to say “I understand that you’re scared, but we can handle it”.

Do not invent!

The world of children’s fantasies are endless and, perhaps, the child sometimes does not understand whether it is true or he made it up. But the phrase “stop” immediately transports him to the harsh reality, where you just don’t believe. Next time he will think about whether you have something to tell you.

Hurry up how long to wait.

The one who constantly adjust, never would act faster – all his forces, and so leave to hurry. And here you are telling that wait for him don’t want. Frustrating!

My eyes have not seen you.

A very dangerous phrase: in fact, you tell the child that you do not like that the world without him would be better that you have better things to do.

You can have a minute to sit quietly?

Telling this to a child, you again say that you do not like what he is, how he was born, his vigour and love for life unpleasant. Better to just calmly ask, “Please, sit a moment quietly.”

Is it because your grandmother wasn’t feeling well!

Even if this baby is an inveterate bully, to hang on him the guilt for the fact that my grandmother was unwell, strange and cruel. So he will consider himself to blame for all the bad things that have happened in the family.

Your brother is such a man, and you…

First, it is just a shame: surely this child will be achievements, for which it can be praised. Second, to compare children with other children is simply meaningless – they are all different, develop differently. It is necessary to compare only the child with them – for example, in the past year. And finally, you are ruining the relationship between child special love here to wait for difficult.

Not going anywhere with such sloppy and dirty!

You just tell your child that you’re ashamed of him, and therefore dispensed with his companies. What kind of unconditional love is there to say, unclear.

Because I said so!

Of course, children are not perfect, often behave badly, but still, banning something or talking about what you want them to do, much better to use arguments accessible and understandable to the child.

Bad boy (girl)!

Psychologists believe that it is necessary to evaluate the actions of the child, not the child, then education will lead to a good result. And he will get used to that you consider him a bad boy, and live up to it! Much better to say “You’re such a good boy, why are you here have arranged this?”

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