Not just a pretty face: motivating movies about the transformation of the ugly into the beauties

February 3, 2017

The story of how beauty finds and falls in love with “the beast” we are tired! We found some really beautiful stories about the miraculous transformation of the girls who are not considered first beauty. But we know that every woman is beautiful. Only we must not forget.

The devil wears Prada

Provincial girl named Andy is an intelligent, beautiful and incredibly longing to get his place in the sun. Her dream almost comes true one day when she receives the post of the assistant to Miranda priestly omnipotent, tyrannical editor of a fashion magazine. It turns out that Andy can not go for her: according to others, Andy pretty enough, stylish enough to dress and all her”not enough”. But Andy does not surrender just like that! Thanks to her new friends, she literally transformed in the eyes — a new style, hairstyle, makeup. And this is a victory!


“Ugly Betty” is the translated name of the popular series. In the story, the girl has a big heart and … the same huge amount. Will it block the “ugly Betty” to obtain a position in fashion publishing, will be transformed beyond recognition and to win the heart of the handsome? Of course not! And we know that real beauty can not hide under the “grandma sweater”, but if you replace it with a stylish cardigan and the shoes success is inevitable.

Miss Congeniality

It’s amazing how FBI agent Gracie was impossible to hide the long legs, plump lips and incredible eyes even from herself? Everything changed when Gracie was sent on an important mission: to participate in the beauty contest to disarm a serial killer nicknamed “the Citizen”. Nobody believed in this mission, but the wit and endurance of the main character helped her to become not only a participant, but also to open the eyes of my colleague — he fell in love with her once and for all.

My super ex-girlfriend

Each of us hopes that ex-girlfriend loved one will be real ugly. But this story proves that given the desire, a girl may become not only a dazzling beauty, but also how to kick ass on his assailant. That’s the power of beauty.

Nanny McPhee

The moral of the film is simple as twice two: beauty comes from within, and to be the first beauty, you need not to run to the plastic surgeon and change yourself. Kindness, honesty and love can transform anyone.

Not born beautiful

The story that the audience loved our country with all my heart. “The ugly duckling” Katya Uvarova, who became the right hand of his superiors, won not only his good attitude, but also the heart. External beauty did not save all those who were jealous and disturbed Kate, who decided on a radical change and wiped his nose all.

How to become a Princess

Ordinary schoolgirl MIA have been together for 15 years and did not know that he is the only heir to the Royal throne. It seemed to her that she’s presentable, but just a few magic tricks with the hair and style change a girl beyond recognition.

The death of her face

A black Comedy with Goldie hawn and Meryl Streep in the lead roles. These women fought for the heart of man, and therefore did not neglect even the magic! They have found the elixir of eternal youth, which transformed them from ordinary girls were transformed into beautiful, fateful seductress.

Wild angel

Charming, bold and independent Milagros, an orphan and student of a Catholic convent. But life gave her a chance to change your life! From an avid football players, never noted for good manners, Milagros becomes a beautiful woman.


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