Normal Cholesterol Levels – What You Need To Know About Cholesterol Ldl And Hdl

May 30, 2017

Most people like you are worried of cholesterol levels. There are two kinds of cholesterols that you should be mindful of. One is the LDL  or low-density lipoproteins which is known as the bad cholesterol. This type of cholesterol is what you need to lower down. You need to keep it not more than 130 mg/dL. The second type of cholesterol is the HDL or high-density lipoproteins which is commonly called the good cholesterol. Your HDL must not go below 40 mg/dL. Your need too keep your normal cholesterol levels.

What You Don’t Know About Cholesterols

Cholesterols are mainly carried with the proteins in your blood. It is a lipoprotein because it is made up of fats and protein. Contrary to what you know, cholesterols are not villains. It has a crucial role in assisting the cell membrane activities. The cholesterols are also needed so that our memory can be well developed. It is also the chief macrobiotic molecule found in the brain. They are produce by our liver to be able to generate hormones that are essential in our body. There can be no estrogens, progesterone, cotisol, serotonin and some other hormones if cholesterols are not present in the body.

When the Cholesterol LDL Levels Turns Bad

When there is so much production of LDL in the blood stream, they form a build up in your artery walls. Thus this build up or so called plaque will harden your artery wall then will result to many health problems. But prior to those medical conditions, you may be having symptoms like chest pain. This is because your blood vessels are no longer functioning properly due to those plaques. The passage may be restricted because of the clogging of arteries. The worst case scenario of this condition is you might have a heart attack or cerebrovascular accident.

Steer clear of High Cholesterol Levels

It is best when you can control your normal cholesterol levels – both HDL and LDL. You need to have a healthy diet to achieve that. Since you know that your food is the major culprit in raising your LDL levels. You need to avoid eating too much saturated fat. Of course you can not remove the LDL because it is essential in making your system work properly and maintain its equilibrium. To maintain your ideal weight, you need to exercise as well. A natural cholesterol supplement is also essential so that you can provide the right amount of nutrients that your body needs.

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