Nikolay Baskov could not recognize his own son, whom he had not seen for 10 years

August 17, 2016

Singer does not participate in the ten-year life of the heir, which he couldn’t get the photos. According to rumors, the boy’s mother forbade her to communicate with her son and deprived the child of the surname of the father.

Many of the fans Nikolai Baskov did not know he was married and even managed to become a father. The singer combined bonds Barca in 2001 with the daughter of his producer Svetlana Spiegel, which in April 2006 gave birth to his son Bronislaw. But less than a year after the birth of the baby the couple divorced.

After separation of the spouses appeared in the press a lot of rumors that ex-wife prohibits Baskov to see and chat with the heir. But following this, the media said that Svetlana doesn’t mind the boy spent time with his father. According to her, she didn’t let Bronislaw meetings with Nikolai, and the artist himself was reluctant to communicate with the child. However, the ex-wife of a celebrity unilaterally deprived the son of the name of the father and gave him his. Now son Baskov name is Bronislaw Spiegel.

Published photos adolescent son Nikolai Baskov, which he had not seen for 10 years, 10-year-old Bronislaw Spiegel still has never met his famous father read More on the website in the section #Show

Photos published LIFE.RU #Show ( Aug 15 2016 at 1:04 PDT

Recently on the website there were photos of the grown boy. Ten-year-old heir to the singer in the spacious t-shirt and long shorts riding a Segway and playing with friends. As reported by the portal, Bronislaw lives with his mother in a luxury gated community in the suburbs. These pictures showed journalists Nicholas, who is now in the Crimea on the”Children’s new wave”, and asked him to guess who is depicted on them. Artist for a long time, flipping through photos, but after the reporter told him that the boy in the pictures is his ten year old son, and asked when the artist saw him for the last time.

The issue caught singer off guard. According to eyewitnesses, Nicholas noticeably became sad and speechless. But after a few minutes he took himself in hand and said, “it’s hard for Me to talk about it, it is very hard for me… and Time will put everything in its place”. The official representative of the celebrity also said that the artist never and with anybody did not discuss this topic.

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