New planner: how to do everything before the guests arrive?

July 1, 2016

Usually at the end of December all the cases piled from: trouble at work, running around with friends gift-family-babies, children’s matinees and “Christmas trees”, planning upcoming holidays and family holiday. Do not panic, together with the TV channel Fox Life, we learn to solve most everyday problems simply and creatively.

5 days before the holiday. Make a shopping list for a holiday. Remember that not necessarily all at the supermarket in person, this is now possible in online stores, with home delivery. In INETRNET you can order almost any products and specialties including. Scroll to “new” products a separate shelf in the freezer, meat and fish cook products. Vegetables and fruit wash and obsesiva, wrap the leaves in paper towels so they are better preserved.

3 days before the holiday. Make time for a good cleaning, utilizing all members of the family, take away things that will hinder during the reception — extra clothes and shoes. Make festive dishes, tablecloths and glasses. If you haven’t used this dish — put it in the dishwasher, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth all Shine!

2 days before the holiday. Buy fresh greens and missing-perishable foods. At the same time grab at the market or supermarket disposable konteineriu packages. Greens wash, lay the packages — it is great to retain freshness!

On the eve of the holiday. Prepare all the appetizers, meats, ingredients for canapes, sauces, spread in containers in the fridge. Defrost and marinate foods for the main course. Not to spend time cleaning in the kitchen while cooking, cover work surfaces with foil or paper towels not to splash kuhonnyi apron and appliances drops of boiling oil.

On the day of the holiday. Dedicate a morning to myself — take a shower, take care of the hair and holiday attire. If the kitchen no one can replace the lady of the house, to help her clean before the arrival of the guests can be charged and children. Give them cloth for cleaning — dry and wet and ask for a fast wipe lower doors of the kitchen cabinets, the surface of open shelves and tables. To make it more fun, turn on naughty music for 10-20 minutes, this time the guys just enough to Shine!
3 hours before the guests arrive serve the table. 2 hours place in oven main dishes per hour put on the table snacks, cover with clingfilm and put on festive attire.

Everything is at hand. So during the holiday not to be distracted by household stuff, prepare in advance a convenient trash bag, spare devices in case of a sudden “spark” you look new guests. Get a pair of ballet shoes to quickly change into when you get tired from high heels.

Take care of Pets. They are usually hard to tolerate loud celebration: they are afraid of fireworks, new people in the apartment, the attention of children who want to pet and cuddle. Move dog or cat a bowl of water and food in dolní room, put there a comfortable bed, where your pet will be able in silence to survive the occasion. If you have a house dog, will have a good home to walk her.

Photo: Fotodom, fotoimedia / Ingram.

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