Natasha Koroleva noticeable weight gain during your vacation in Italy

August 1, 2016

The singer showed holiday pictures, which clearly shows that celebrity made a remarkable recovery.

Natasha Koroleva, as all the celebrities trying to escape from the stifling summer of Moscow. This year the star went to Italy, where she now spends their vacations. This became known thanks to publications of the singer online. She shared a couple of photographs in which the artist is depicted on the background of beautiful city scenery.

Followers of Natasha, always with great attention to studying it, just saw these pictures a few extra pounds. Apparently, the Queen was unable to resist the temptations known worldwide for its nutritious Italian dishes and made a remarkable recovery. Celebrity previously admitted that unlike his wife, dancer Sergei Glushko, the diet of which is always clearly painted, it is very difficult to abandon harmful, but tasty food.

According to fans, after returning to Moscow the singer will be serious and long workout at the gym. It should be noted that physical fitness Natasha does her husband, who has always been famous for beefy and muscular figure. Members suggested that in the autumn the Queen will again demonstrate to the public a slim and toned body.

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