Natalia Vodianova: I was taught to be bold

December 2, 2016

This year, supermodel Natalia Vodianova two loud “premieres”. It was the fifth time became a mother and created Christmas make-up collection, Shalimar in collaboration with the creative Director of Guerlain Olivier Astmatem.

Home: Natalia, tell me where you now feel like home?

Natalia Vodianova: I moved to Paris when I was 7 years old. I learned a lot here, and for me this town will always be home. I lived for many years in London and really like it too. I’m a model and travel a lot, often in Russia. There I was born and raised, and, of course, Russia is in my heart a special place. I would say that home is where family is.

TO describe the sweetest delights of large families and the most insane madness?

NV : the Most important moments for me this morning fees of the children, and dinner time, when we get together, we tell each other about how was your day, share impressions. I try every day to spend time alone with each child. This is for me the most expensive minutes. Try to teach them good manners and respect for adults. I teach them to be curious and open. My son Lucas made a speech at the event of the Fund “Naked heart”, which I couldn’t attend. He has performed in front of a huge hall, where there were thousands of people. And the fact that he has the guts to speak in front of all these adults, made me really proud of my son.

TO: What do you remember from your childhood?

HB: My memories of my youth give me the strength to move forward, to implement the plan. The main source of energy – the realization that I’m doing something important. And do it in the name of the little girl I once was who saw, as my mom suffers.

TO the happiest moments in childhood?

NV: the Moments when my grandmother taught me good manners, taught to care for themselves, to see the beauty of nature, not to forget about the soul. She taught me to be brave and hard work.

UP: In your experience – how success depends on appearance?

NV: the Attractiveness of which to boast in his youth, not eternal. One beauty is not enough. I think the most important traits – kindness, generosity, intelligence. I love my mom, my sister. Women who are confident, truly stunning.

TO: AND when you like myself?

NV: When happy when I’m with loved ones.

TO: On what basis you dress in everyday life?

NV: I worked for many years in the fashion industry, and most importantly, what I learned: less is always better. In everyday life my style is simple yet feminine. I love the dress but I like it when they are comfortable and do not hinder movements.

TO: In your opinion, what distinguishes the well-dressed Russian women from the well-dressed European or American women?

NV: In General, Russian women are very well maintained, they have a great sense of style. But sometimes they forget about sense of proportion. Sad to see beautiful girls flaunting yourself. But in recent years, we travel a lot, so I think the style of Russian women will change.

TO Work model is not the most suitable for skin and hair – thick makeup, Hairdryer, Curling. How are you recovering?

HB: it is Very important hydrate the skin. I use moisturizer and drink a lot of water. Love to go to the Spa Guerlain on the Champs Elysees. Enough to spend the hours to be fully transformed.

TO: have You ever been betrayed? What advice would you give to a person who is experiencing?

NV: I Once had to fly to the shooting – it was one of my main contracts. And that day I fell off my bike, the shooting did not take place. The company for which I was going to do, even sent me flowers in the hospital. And I’m glad they are not developed. Three months later I made an even better contract. I’m always optimistic, even when things are difficult.

TO: If you could describe yourself in a few words, what would they be?

NV: Determined, hardworking, kind.

TO You created the first make-up collection from Guerlain. What has inspired you? How was work c the creative Director of the brand?

NV: India, its colours, textures, bright makeup, which is loved by Indian women. I know Olivier since the beginning of my career, great respect for him, he taught me a lot. We created this project during the year. I loved the work on textures and colors to create a packaging concept. It’s an incredible feeling when the ideas come, and you can share your imagination with women all over the world.

UP Your favorite from the Christmas collection?

NV: Sparkling gold eyeliner! It is water resistant and is perfect for emotional moments during family gatherings abound.

Maria Vasilyeva

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