Nargiz Zakirova: I was not a model mother, but I was giving the kids the main thing – endless love

July 1, 2016

One of the most successful participants of the project “the Voice” always travels with the mascots and dreams about their own garden in Bali.

  • Recently decided to reread the book from the curriculum – Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Gogol. How dull it seemed in school, “Eugene Onegin”, was impossible to imagine how people all reading. And now – pure fun!

  • Dreams – Bali. When I get old, I want to go and live there as a hermit. Away from civilization, computers and televisions. Only nature and me. Going to grow your own food by herself, listening to the sound of rain and the ocean – that’s real music.

  • I still remember my mother’s lullabies. Music has always sounded in our house. I breathed it since childhood, all the events and feelings in life experienced through it. Now I love ethnical music, I love listening to the sitar, and other folk instruments.

  • All ask about my first tattoo. Omkara I’ve done in 25 years, it was a dream and I achieved it when I moved to new York. Then the pictures appeared when I wanted to keep in memory the good moments… That we have started to work with max Fadeev, and I made the entire back a tattoo dedicated to him. Will I do something else? In principle, the free space is still left…

  • In my bag is a magical thing. For example, the pendulum, I’m with him “advice” when you need to make a difficult decision, to make a choice – Yes or no. Still have the bag with stones and herbs. I collect them, dry and always carry.

  • The best rest after a tour – at home in new York, where next to the family, grandson. Love to relax lying on bed, reading books, watching movies, watering flowers, doing simple everyday things.

  • Being a grandmother is fine. I wasn’t there when my daughter gave birth, I couldn’t hold her hand. 30 hours I was on the phone and waited for news. Finally at 7 am the phone rang and my husband shouted: “Boy! Beautiful!” And immediately sent the photo. An inexplicable feeling.

  • I was not the mom who reads books or takes a walk, my children grew up in an artistic family where touring and mother busy all the time. But I gave them the thing that could give was my endless, crazy love.

  • The success that came after “the Voice”, not that surprised. Flabbergasted! Stranger still can not and are very kind. This is a great reward that so many people love my work. Their love is the best motivation.

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